2023 trends in designing and furnishing modern office spaces

  • 19 Jul 2023

Office design and furnishings are constantly evolving to adapt to the changing needs of employees. Working in a flexible hybrid model is the best illustration of the changes taking place in modern companies. With its popularisation, the importance of the office as a formal and informal meeting place is increasing. In 2023, we are also seeing a growing interest in concepts that not only emphasise aesthetics, but also promote health, comfort and efficiency. Modern offices are becoming multifunctional and flexible spaces, designed to inspire and foster creativity. Discover the latest trends in office interior design and furnishings that support the needs of employees…

The way in which offices are arranged has changed, driven mostly by the pandemic and the period of working from home. Visual presentation, aesthetics and atmosphere still have important functions, but ergonomic workspaces and modern technology are of the greatest importance. Flexible solutions allow for rapid responses to changing needs and ensure that layouts can be modified seamlessly. Solutions such as Hushoffice acoustic pods are becoming the standard for flexible hybrid and flex offices. 

They provide a space that minimises noise and interference, allowing you to focus on demanding tasks, or have a quiet phone call or successful video conference without worrying about external sounds. Companies are increasingly recognising that investing in office space design that promotes employee health, well-being and creativity translates into efficiency and loyalty. 

Relationship-building space 

The period when offices were only meant to be a place in which to carry out professional duties is long gone. They have now become spaces conducive to business meetings, socialising and employee socialisation. In 2023, office interiors continue to evolve into places that not only support work efficiency, but also communication and team integration.

Installing hushMeet acoustic booths for four people in open-plan offices, equipped with two upholstered sofas, a table and an adjustable lighting and ventilation system, will enable teams to focus when meeting, without distractions or background noise. 

Thanks to advanced acoustic solutions, the booths create optimum conditions for discussions, brainstorming or a simply relaxed conversation in a friendly, informal atmosphere. By providing privacy and focus, they serve to improve the quality of communication and strengthen bonds within the team.


The optimum office, or well-being and wellness at work

Following the concepts of well-being and wellness in office design, we can expect that a great deal of attention will continue to be paid to how the environment affects employee health, comfort and efficiency. This is inextricably linked to the design of spaces that promote the mental and physical health of staff. In 2023, the biophilic design trend, which has been popular for some years now, continues to develop.

It involves introducing natural elements such as plants, natural light, wooden accents or water fountains into the office space to create a calm, healthy and inspiring working environment. Biophilic design not only improves the aesthetics of the workplace, but also contributes to better air quality and stress reduction, and increased creativity and productivity. 

Ergonomics at work – the office has become a choice

After a prolonged period of home office work, employees’ expectations of the office have changed. They now come to work in-house when they have a reason to, and they expect support and flexibility from the office space. Employers are therefore paying increasing attention to the ergonomics of workstations, opting for adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs or modular furniture.

An interesting alternative is the hushPhone pod for phone calls made in a standing or sitting position, thanks to an optional floor-mounted high stool. These small structures (only 900 mm deep) provide a solution to the problems of noise, lack of space for confidential telephone or online conversations, and malaise resulting from working in one place for many hours.


The office telephone booth provides a high level of concentration for conversations, but also optimal acoustics in the interior. The user is not heard externally and can therefore participate in a difficult or confidential telephone conversation freely, with security and their full attention. It maintains privacy while not disturbing other people in the open-space office. Modern developments such as telephone booths and acoustic pods make the office a more desirable place to work. 

Multifunctional and flexible workplaces 

Modern office spaces are becoming more adaptable and modular, allowing employees to choose the space and way of working that best suits their needs at any given time. When working from home, people were able to experiment and determine what duties they do best at their desk, in a lounge area or on the sofa. In the office, too, they do not want to give up the comfort of choice.

Company spaces are becoming more dynamic with mobile and multifunctional furniture. Thus, they are able to adapt to the changing number of employees and offer different work locations.

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