Building a successful construction company

5 influencing factors for a successful construction company

  • 1 Sep 2016

Starting your own company is difficult enough. However, it can be made considerably easier with the right tools, attitude and staff. CJ Coatings Ltd, On Site Spraying and Cladding Repair Contractor, finds out more…

Every business entrepreneur starts out with the exact same statement: “To provide first class service at first class prices.” Quite frankly, consumers and commercial clients are starting to see straight through that transparent window to success, and are expecting more when they use a commercial contractor.

No substitute for experience

It’s certainly an old cliché but it is so relevant. It can be tempting to jump straight into the deep end and start your own organisation, but without the value of experience by your side, the chances of failure are significantly increased.

On average an individual should spend a minimum of 5-years in their industry, learning their trade and improving their skill-set before they attempt to start up as self-employed.

Of course, starting sooner does not mean that you will fail. I wish the best of luck to anyone that wants to have a go at being their own boss, but I would encourage them to consider every option first. Get to know your industry, what works and what doesn’t. You need to be able to provide a solution for your future clients.

Tools of the trade

This next point does not simply mean that you need to ensure you have the correct screwdriver, but the right support and business solutions in place to help you succeed in the construction industry.

Basic things, such as insured company vehicles, databases and site audits, will benefit you and your clients.

Maintaining an up to date site auditing system will certainly help you and improve the level of service that you are able to provide your clients with. This will give you the opportunity to remain a step ahead and identify the causes of reoccurring faults.

Attitude and commitment

This is arguably one of the most important attributes for any business owner or construction company.

Maintaining the right attitude during your time on site with a client is absolutely vital. If you want to succeed in this industry, then you will not work a standard 9-5. You have to be willing to work the extra hours to please your clients. If you get a phone call at 11:45pm on a Friday night, making the effort to get to your customer could be what makes the difference for you and your business.

There are numerous construction organisations that crop up all over the UK and fail simply because of the wrong attitude set by the staff and management.


Success can never be achieved alone, especially in the construction industry. Employing the correct staff and being able to delegate tasks will make a construction company run that much smoother.

Try employing the services of Supervisors: these guys should have a mass of experience in your field of expertise and have the ability to manage small teams of contractors. Their role will be to complete surveys prior to work and plan how the project will be completed.

Your team should contain a mixed skill-set. You want a team of reliable contractors that are able to adapt to every environment and transfer those skills. If you can provide a variety of solutions for facilities managers, they are more likely to employ your services in the future and pass them on to business owners.

Ability to accept change

The construction industry is always changing, and being an adaptable business is crucial. Stay up to date with industry trends and regulation changes via governing bodies and reliable industry sources online, such as Buildingtalk.

As the regulations are updated, organisations will change with them. As a maintenance contractor, if you are able to change with them and ensure that they meet those changes, they are more likely to use your construction services in the future.

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