Five key things to remember when choosing new flooring

  • 6 Mar 2019

When choosing new flooring, there are some key areas to keep in mind that can have a significant impact on the product you choose. Choosing flooring is a big decision, it’s going to be a distinctive feature of any room and also a highly noticeable as anytime someone looks down they’re going to notice the flooring.

Location is a crucial aspect of choosing any flooring. The style of the flooring needs to fit with the aesthetic and purpose of the room. Different rooms in a house or office space will undoubtedly require different styles and functions. Bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are examples of places where carpets are not suitable. If a bathroom has been renovated and now has a sleek and clean design, something like luxury vinyl flooring would be a better option. It is also essential to understand the characteristics of your location, for example, a bathroom will be a high moisture area, and this can limit the type of flooring that can be used.

Once the flooring has been selected, it is vital that it is installed correctly. Homeowners can complete installation if they’re looking to reduce costs, but if there is a carpet to be laid, then professionals really should be handling the job. Engineered or solid hardwood flooring is also particularly difficult to install so professional services would be better than a keen DIY enthusiast trying to complete the task on their own.

How much maintenance the flooring will need once it has been put down can also impact the type of flooring a customer can choose. If customers are looking for flooring that will require little maintenance then avoiding solid hardwoods, the maintenance and upkeep requirements will be more than other options. Even a lacquered or oiled floor made from timber will need to be sanded and re-lacquered if it is scratched. One tip to help maintain hardwood floors is to incorporate rugs to cover high-wear areas such as hallways or around furniture that is in constant use. Laminate flooring, made from high-density fibreboard with a tough coating over a photographic image provides a more durable option with less maintenance required.

Pricing is always something to keep in mind when selecting new flooring. Vinyl is usually the more affordable option, but as with anything, there will be cheaper and more expensive options available. Depending on the size of the area needing to be covered this may eliminate some possibilities for specific budgets. Thinking about an office environment that may require an extensive area to be covered, vinyl flooring may be the best option as it is less expensive and easy to maintain. Carpet is also another option, while installation may be more costly, the noise reducing properties can be beneficial in a busy office with other businesses above or below.

The possibilities for different designs when it comes to flooring of all materials is extensive. When considering commercial projects, the design can often be more flexible than in a home. Often office spaces have a neutral colour scheme when it comes to paint and fixtures so the flooring can be an area for creativity.

A variety of patterns could be used to differentiate different areas within an office space. With flooring manufacturers producing an extensive range of designs in all materials, it leaves a lot more scope to experiment with the design of a space, while still understanding and being mindful of the constraints that different flooring types pose.

With the variety that is now offered in materials and designs, consumers can select a flooring type that is not only is suitable for the space but fits with their budget and is installed and maintained based on their needs.

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