Building a Sustainable Future: The Importance of Commercial Recycling in Construction

  • 23 Jan 2023

Whilst the construction industry is constantly evolving, ensuring sustainable business practices are maintained is key. Whether you are a commercial or residential builder, there are various ways you can leave minimal impact on the planet and benefit from the advantages of doing so.

This blog shares five benefits of recycling in the construction sector and how you can set up a recycling scheme.

Five Benefits Of Recycling In The Construction Sector


Reduces Waste Sent To Landfill


Recycling plays a huge role in cutting your carbon footprint. Rather than sending your construction waste to landfill where toxic emissions are released, materials can be recycled safely into new products. Research shows that recycling construction waste can reduce carbon emissions by up to ten times.

This will not only reduce pollution at these harmful sites whilst festering for years, but also save you money on landfill taxes. It’s a win-win for both your costs and environmental impact!



Opens A New Revenue Stream


As a construction business it is important to use a commercial recycling service to ensure all waste materials can be recycled into new products. This will create an efficient workplace where materials are removed safely, whilst creating a greener site for your business. 

Many waste management companies will also offer rebates for bulk volumes of waste,  opening up a new revenue stream. This not only makes it an environmentally friendly solution, but also highly cost effective for your business.


Saves Raw Materials


Recycling reduces the demand for raw resources in production. These materials are often scarce and pose a threat to damaging habitats where they are extracted. 

In construction, recycled aggregate has been proven to be just as strong as virgin aggregate. This means less mining, which causes much less danger to the environment.


Reduces Energy 


Recycling or reusing your waste will use far less energy than during processes needed to extract and manufacture new materials. When recycling your construction waste, you are saving a monumental amount of energy consumption that increases greenhouse gas emissions.


Attracts New Customers


Acting sustainably is a great attraction in recent years for potential clients. People and organisations now recognise the importance of using sustainable practices and admire others changing the industry.

This means by creating a sustainable ethos around your business, you can in fact grow your client base and open up more opportunities for future construction projects.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How the Construction Industry is Making an Impact

Whilst recycling is an essential part of sustainable construction, there are also various other practices businesses are completing to cut their carbon footprint. From using renewable materials to protecting natural habitats, you can play a part in changing the industry. 

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