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Creative Home Remodelling And Renovation Ideas

  • 17 Jul 2020

They say that an Englishman’s (or woman’s) home is his castle and so it comes as no surprise that many proud Brits are taking to remodeling and renovating their homes to amazing standards. But where do you start? It may not be as difficult as you might first think – this piece explores some exciting home remodelling ideas to turn even the most drab home into a fab home.

1. Repair Damaged Surfaces And Joints

Tired, worn and damaged looking surfaces and joints can really age your home and make it look terribly unappealing. In some cases, there may be the need to replace a surface completely, but for the most part, repairing can provide just as good a result.

Using a mastic man to ensure that you get a professional finish will not only make for the perfect aesthetic but will also give your home that luxurious feel.

GT Sealants are a great option for mastic and sealant work and specialise in both commercial and domestic jobs!

2. Install A Security System

Your house is home to many of your precious belongings and ensuring that they are safe will allow you to sleep soundly at night. What’s more, a good security system will act as a deterrent to unwelcome visitors who may not only have the intention of taking things you have worked hard for but may also destroy your beautifully restored home. 

It simply isn’t worth the risk and finding the right security companies in Essex is a must, fortunately MEC Security has got you covered!

3. Add Landscaped Edging To A Garden

Some people love a mature garden with plenty of shrubs and trees, whereas others prefer a more minimal approach. But however you like you garden, it is important to keep it neat and eye-catching – this is a staple of a modern, remodelled home.

Adding a landscaped edge to your outdoor space through a garden designer provides stylish yet timeless beauty with a professional finish that will have all the neighbours wanting to ‘keep up with the Jones’!’

Whether you are looking for a simple lawn edge or something a little more detailed, you might benefit from the services provided by Eden Horticultural LTD.

4. Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Is there anything more annoying than a blocked drain or a toilet that won’t flush? We often take our home plumbing system for granted – until something goes wrong.

When remodelling your home, it is important to ensure that you pay close attention to the plumbing. This will avoid leaks and damage to your property as well as provide convenience when you need it most.

By regularly inviting local plumbers like Aquatek Plumbing to perform maintenance, you can feel confident that your plumbing will never fail you.

5. Installing A Carpet

There are many carpet fitters in Colchester who will give your home the benefit of a cosy and stunning new floor. When reinventing your home, one of the major stand out points is what is under your feet! 

When choosing a carpet, you should think about what colour and texture will suit your decor the best as well as considering the type of carpet you require.

High traffic areas need a more durable carpet whereas rooms which are not often used can take advantage of a luxury wool blend, for example. To find the right carpet for you, get some advice from LT Flooring LTD.

6. Implementing The Best Architectural Design

If you are lucky enough to be building your home from the ground up, it is important to have a good architectural design and plan. However, this is also important if you are looking to remodel – perhaps build an extension, knock through walls or something else.

Not only will this provide the best-looking result but will also ensure safety where the structure is concerned,

For a highly commendable architect service in the local area, you might take advantage of ADP.

7. Don’t Forget About Your Windows

Have you ever walked past a beautiful house that has been let down by shabby looking windows? If so, you will understand the importance of keeping your windows looking their best and functioning well.

This is an important element in remodelling any home and can breathe new life into a tired-looking property. 

You might opt for a different window style, perhaps a roof window or skylight or you may decide to try one of the stunning window shutters by Lifestyle Shutters and Blinds as a way of making your windows a cut above the rest.

8. Proper Ventilation Is Necessary

There is little point in trying to enjoy a home that feels stuffy and uncomfortable. But this problem can be eliminated through proper ventilation. This will ensure that you are cool in the summer, warm in the winter and that the air is always clean and smelling fresh. 

When renovating your home, it is extremely beneficial to consider a quality ventilation system that will serve the property for many years. If you are not sure where to begin, the aircon by Christy Cooling Services will get your started.

9. Decorate A Small Bathroom

Many homes have small bathrooms that are left as basic, functional spaces but even the tiniest of bathrooms can bring a new level of luxury and class to the home. From beautiful tiles to fancy fixtures, a decorated small bathroom will make all the difference.

If you are finding it difficult to get inspired where your bathroom is concerned, you might benefit from advice from a bathroom designer in Kent, such as the service offered by All Division Building.

10. End Up With Brand New Fixtures

Over time, the fixtures in a home such as taps and light switches can become overused and dull-looking. This can really bring down the result of a home renovation and should be dealt with as one of the finishing touches. You should select fixtures that compliment the decor but that will also last for many years, being durable and strong.

RZ Building Services are able to offer a wealth of services including proving your newly renovated home with some stunning fixtures for the elegant final touch.

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