Cycle superhighways under threat from London cabbies

  • 18 Jan 2016

howardchapmanHoward Chapman, Buildingtalk Editor

London’s segregated Cycle Superhighways are hugely controversial and London Mayor, Boris Johnson is under fire again – here is your opportunity to comment via Buildingtalk.



Cycle Superhighways are cycle routes running from outer London into and across central London. They offer safer, faster and more direct journeys into the city and for many they are the best and quickest way to get to work.

1-Fullscreen capture 18012016 091603However, the latest major extensions of segregated routes are hugely controversial. Boris Johnson got a lot of flak from cyclists when he opened the £47million flagship east-west cycle superhighway back in November. When he spoke at Vauxhall Bridge, the London Mayor had verbal attacks from cyclists using the new highway and admitted there was still ‘a lot of work to do’ on revolutionising London’s transport system for cyclists.

Now London cabbies have a high court challenge that could hold up the whole project. The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) claim large parts of the route breaches planning control and they are asking a judge to stop the continued construction of much of the segregated cycling route. However when the legal challenge was first announced, many cyclists threatened on Twitter to stop using black cabs and use rival Uber instead.

What do you think? We open up this opportunity for cyclists, cabbies and other Londoners to have their say via Buildingtalk….

One comment on “Cycle superhighways under threat from London cabbies

  • As a Londoner and a cyclist I think these superhighways are idiotic. They make the traffic even more chaotic than usual and as a consequence make drivers of heavy vehicles more frustrated and with even less space to manoeuvre in. If there is a real will to make cycling in London safer lets start with the basics:
    1. Cyclists all using lights at night
    2. Traffic lanes all kept to regulation width
    3. Bus pull in spaces reinstated so that they can be safely overtaken by bikes when they stop
    4. Get rid of road humps – these are more of a hazard to cyclists than anyone else
    5. Stop this stupid 20mph speed limit that makes all of the road users bunch up and busses go so slowly that they hold up cyclists

    I think the cabbies have a point and some sanity should prevail instead of dressing up idiocy with some PC pro-cycling greenwash

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