Fenbro: Make your home more comfortable with new windows

  • 25 Aug 2022

A house becomes a home only when it successfully performs its main role, which is making the inhabitants (you and your family) feel really comfortable and cosy. There are many ways to make your home more comfortable, but installation of new windows doesn’t seem to be particularly high on the list, does it?

Undoubtedly, though, the overall comfort of living in any residential building (your home included) highly depends on the quality and age of the windows. Why is it like that and what exactly will change after replacing your old windows with the new ones?

In this article, you will find information from Marcin, the main window and door fitter at Fenbro. This company is one of the most renowned suppliers of top quality joinery on the Irish market.

House windows – how do they affect your comfort?

Windows play a huge part in protecting your home from the elements, which makes them extremely important parts of every residential building. Unfortunately, windows get old and as a result, as years go by, they wear out and don’t perform their role effectively enough, negatively affecting your comfort of living. When should you consider replacing your old windows with the new ones? In Marcin’s opinion, it’s highly recommended to purchase new windows when:

– there are drafts in your house

– your energy bills go higher and higher without any obvious reason (especially during winter)

– your current windows are single-glazed (made with one pane of glass)

–  you have difficulties when opening or closing the windows and adjustment doesn’t solve the problem

– there is mould on the window frames

– windows fog up often


New windows – main benefits

According to Marcin from Fenbro, there are many benefits of replacing old windows in your house with the new ones. When looking purely from the comfort perspective, the most important advantages are as follows:

– energy savings. New windows are way more energy-efficient than the older ones. This is especially true for all windows that were installed 10 or more years ago: modern windows provide incomparably better insulation, keeping the cold air outside and making the interior much more pleasant to live in. Quite obviously, this also translates into lower energy bills.

– draft prevention. Drafts can be a real problem, especially in those areas, where windy weather is rather common. New windows, when properly installed, will reduce drafts to a minimum, increasing the comfort for everyone in your house.

– noise reduction. Modern windows are usually double- or even triple-glazed, filled with argon gas between them, which makes such windows a perfect solution to the outside noise and improve their insulation. When closed, new windows will give you much better noise reduction than the older ones could have ever provided.

– easier cleaning and maintenance. Materials that are used in new windows are much easier to clean than the ones used in the past. This is especially true for new uPVC windows, which require little to no maintenance.

– protection from UV rays. Double or triple glazing in new windows provides very effective UV protection, which means that your furniture, walls, floors and other objects inside your house will not fade from prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Fenbro – top quality windows and doors from Poland

Fenbro is a dynamic and reliable company that focuses on supplying B2B and B2C customers on several European markets with the finest quality doors and windows from Poland. All products available at the Fenbro website are of the finest quality and come from the best Polish manufacturers.

One of the most unique factors that distinguish Fenbro from the competition is that the company provides a complete service. This is from their products and their delivery to installation, after-sales support, guarantee and expertise.

More information about Fenbro products and services is available at the company’s website

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