Five things to look for in Scaffolding

  • 12 Jul 2018

Scaffolding is a vital part of any successful construction project, particularly those which require working from a significant height. With this in mind, choosing the correct scaffolding becomes one of the most important decisions a company will ever make.

Below are five essential qualities needed when looking out for whether scaffolding is of good quality.

Trustworthy manufacturer

When sourcing your scaffolding materials, the first place to start is with the manufacturer. In order to ensure the highest level of quality possible, the manufacturer must be not only be experienced and trustworthy, but should also be devoted to providing robust, reliable equipment.

When searching for a competent manufacturer, be sure to visit the company’s website to gauge their level of experience, as well as the design of their structures and their policies surrounding quality control and materials. If this information is not readily available, be sure to contact the company armed with several relevant questions, and don’t be afraid to request client testimonials and recommendations either.

Setting up

While it’s essential that scaffolding is sturdy and durable, it’s also vital that the set-up be as simple and efficient as possible. Time is a key consideration in any construction project, and spending inordinate amounts of it attempting to assemble difficult and complicated scaffolding structures will inevitably lead to project schedule fall-backs, which can lead to monetary losses.

Moreover, if complex scaffolding is not set up correctly, there could be serious health and safety hazards to contend with.

Quality materials

One of the most important things to consider when deciding which scaffolding to use is the materials that they are made from. While steel is generally agreed upon as the leading material for scaffold construction, there are other materials you may want to consider, depending upon your project needs.

Some companies prefer a lighter, mobile scaffold tower as they are easier for construction site workers as far as moving the structures around. However, always keep in mind that whatever material you choose, it must be extremely durable so that it is capable of supporting the sheer weight of the staff and the heavy items they will be lifting.

Comprehensive manual

Before using any scaffolding, it is vital to ensure that the manufacturer’s manual has been read thoroughly and that all staff working on or around the equipment have been trained on its proper use.

From initial set-up, through to usage and transport, all aspects of scaffolding must be covered. As such, having a comprehensive, easy-to-read manual is essential and you should think twice before investing in any scaffolding that does not come with such guidelines.

Investing in the best quality scaffolding

Investing in high-quality scaffolding is crucial for any company wanting to complete construction projects in a safe and timely manner, while ensuring that site workers are working safely and securely.

Engineering and materials are both critical elements in any tower, and when it comes to purchasing the best scaffolding possible, neither should be compromised.

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