GUEST ARTICLE: Marble – trends, design ideas and a revival

  • 12 Feb 2019

The following article comes from Rajeev Gupta, General Manager for Teraciel Marble Industries.

“Marble has had a huge revival over the past couple of years. Whilst traditionally confined to bathroom interiors, the marble renaissance has had a modern reboot with stylists and designers offering unique options that add warmth, tactility and uniqueness.

Deep-rooted in our history, marble was specifically much loved by the Ancient Greeks who built majestic structures that stand to this day.

Now we are starting to see it being used as an inspiring texture in almost every single design field – print, web, fashion, interior, product. You name it, the list goes on.


To understand why marble is becoming increasingly popular, it is important to understand the production process behind this very special material.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to heat and pressure. The swirls and veins that you can see in coloured marble are a result of impurities.

Clay, sand, iron oxides and many other minerals are found in different layers of the Earth’s crust and make their way through the marble’s journey to the top. The entire process is fascinating and the unique patterns of heated crystalised rock make marble a hugely desirable material and aesthetic texture.


Incorporating marble in any room or building certainly adds classic charm. The key is to use marble’s rich texture in design with subtlety. Since the material already imposes visual interest and draws the eye to those carefully crafted veins, you need to be careful as you lay out any additional elements in your composition.

Luckily there are many experts, such as the team at TMI of fabricators, designers, and installers who source the marble from initial stone selection through to the completed installation.

Whether it is in an interior to add a touch of luxury, or in an urban building with industrial features, marble has been redefined. Below, we share three key marble trends to look out for.

Keep up tradition

Classic is often best, which is why there’s a reason marble features in so many kitchens and bathrooms. Clean, durable and fresh, the material is perfect when employed for a splashback, kitchen counter or bathroom sink.

For a modern twist, pair white marble with precious stone inlays or gunmetal hardware to create a unique design statement. Black and white is also a classic colour combo and is guaranteed to look good. It is also perfect if your style is more industrial and you prefer to toughen up your interiors.

Marble Walls

A bold look whilst simultaneously timeless, marbling walls is a worthwhile investment and an ideal way of introducing luxury into a space. Use marble as a feature wall or even to break up a room and create defined areas and a calming atmosphere.

Mix Up Your Materials and Colour

You can go two ways when styling marble and some people prefer to fully indulge and go glamorous. Think luxury and try pairing marble with velvets and brass for a design scheme to covet, very art-deco.

In terms of wall colours, verdant greens and indigo pair well with marble, so go deep with your hues. Or even pair marble with concrete for a truly contemporary tough-luxe vibe to lust after.

Golds and velvet work to warm the coolness of the stone, but remember when mixing bold materials like golds, marble and velvet, it’s best to use them sparingly as accents so as not to overpower a room.

Marble is having its moment; don’t be fooled into thinking it’s cold and inaccessible. Whether you work the trend with accents or dive into the deep end, there are easy ways to bring marble into the design. Just remember to stick to one central theme, be that glamorous or minimalist, and be consistent.

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