How a Mezzanine Floor could benefit your business

  • 31 Oct 2018

The following article details how a mezzanine floor could benefit your business, including the low build cost and the fact planning permission is not needed.

A brief introduction to mezzanine flooring

A mezzanine floor is a floor that sits between the main floors of a given building and is therefore, in many ways not counted among the overall number of floors of the building itself. A mezzanine is often characterised by low ceilings and protrudes a la a balcony.

Planning permission not needed

One of the major benefits of a mezzanine floor is that it almost never requires planning permission, so is a very good way of extending your useable space within a given structure without going down the lengthy and often costly and sometimes unsuccessful planning route. You will, however, need to get building regulations involved, although this is much simpler.

Rates exemption

In addition, assuming the mezzanine floor you construct is not physically tied to the building’s main structure (i.e. it is freestanding and can be dismounted and relocated) then it will be exempt from business rates.

This is an excellent advantage of a mezzanine floor as opposed to a traditional extension which can see you rack up an extensive additional rates bill in order to achieve that extra storage or office space in your building.

Low build cost

Yet another fantastic benefit of mezzanine flooring is that it is cheap to install and when compared to the cost of renting extra space or building a permanent extension, then there is absolutely no comparison.

A mezzanine floor can end up costing only around £75-100 per square metre. All you really need is an area with around 5 metres head height and the possibility of benefitting from all of the new horizons a mezzanine floor opens up will be there for the taking.

Value and space are in perfect synchronicity with mezzanine flooring solutions.

Expansion without relocation

You may have started off with plenty of space for your business, but in any business you cannot legislate for what the future may bring.

You may need space to store larger products, you may need more room for extra staff. Perhaps you have begun an online store or expanded your operations and need the extra room that goes along with all of that.

The upheaval, cost and hassle of a relocation could be tremendous, but the possibility of a mezzanine floor can help you get around all of that.

It can afford you as much as double your existing space at a fraction of the cost of an extension.

You can have more workstations, more space for machinery and ultimately increase productivity and output. Staying in the same premises also reduces the risk of damage to equipment, stress and loss of income while the move is organised.

Extra specific benefits of mezzanine flooring

Purpose built mezzanine flooring is incredibly robust. It allows for an extremely high weight per square metre ratio, which is incredibly useful when storing stock or weighty equipment.

It also means you can take advantage of some of the tremendous, purpose built mezzanine racking systems, which allow you to fully realize the storage potential of your new mezzanine floor.

With effective and substantial storage space you can also benefit from quantity discounts when ordering stock or expendables (such as jiffy bags or other packaging) as you will have more space to store them.

Separation of distinct workspaces

In any working building it is never ideal to have very different working practices using the same space and each activity disrupting the other.

Dealing with unboxing new stock and sending off orders in the same space can lead to great stress, slower work rates and errors being made.

Meanwhile, having office work and noisier production-related jobs overlapping can also lead to obvious issues of noise and disruption.

Having a mezzanine floor gives you the option to separate your working spaces further, lessening the possibility of any disruption taking place.

Optimal efficiency is the goal of all business owners and managers. With the option to improve the quality of your building’s layout you will move a step closer to achieving the perfect balance of great communication and the right amount of space to carry out distinct tasks with ease and without the confusion and possibility of mistakes that overlapping can cause.

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