How Much Is a Home Water Filter in 2022?

  • 6 Oct 2022

Being able to filter your own water at home is a massive advantage. Not only does it make tap water taste and smell better, but it takes out harmful contaminants and reduces the need to buy bottled water. The thing to do now is to actually choose one type or model of water filter. There are numerous brands, types, and models of water filters, each catering to specific needs. 

Depending on these various needs you may pick one or another that also helps solve some water quality problems the water source may be exhibiting. Various shapes and sizes of water filters will come with different price tags, so choose the right one for yourself. 


Water Filter Jug

Easiest the most recognisable water filter is those that come in the form of a jug. They are otherwise known as gravity pitchers since gravity is what pushes the water through the filtering medium to clean drinking water. This filtering medium is usually contained within a chamber on the inside and consists of activated charcoal granules. 

This type of filtering device is at the top of the list because it’s the most affordable water filter out there.

Faucet Mounted Water Filter

An install and forget water filter that just works when you run the tap, a faucet-mounted device will filter water for cooking as well. As a point of use device, faucet filters are really efficient, and they mostly work similar to filter pitchers, down to the filtering medium of activated charcoal. 

These usually will be quite affordable. There is a little installation that will be required in order for the gadget to be mounted on the faucet, but other than that maintenance is fairly easy. 

Countertop Filter 

A larger unit for a countertop similar to a jug but larger in capacity, a countertop water filter offers larger amounts of clean water but with some extra benefits. Ordinarily, a countertop filter uses the same basic filtering medium of activated charcoal but some more recent models boast reverse osmosis integrated processing. 

Because of this feature, some countertop filters will come with a higher cost. As far as convenience goes, a countertop filter is easy to maintain with little to no installation needed. 

Whole House Water Filter

The perfect choice for dealing with a contaminated water source that could be too dangerous even to wash with. Usually, sediments and other contaminants that are highly dangerous and affect appliances are what a whole house filter is designed to deal with. 

So how much does a whole house water filter cost? The price for a unit like this will depend on how many stages of filtration it has. Installation might be an issue with this one and you may need some professional help, especially if it involves altering the plumbing system. Of course, this will mean adding some more money to the installation on top of the system price. 

Reverse Osmosis 

Maybe the biggest one of the bunch, in terms of power and efficiency, reverse osmosis systems are the water treatment device many of us aspire to have. With its six stages of filtration, it provides quality and great tasting water clean of many harmful pollutants. 

This high tier quality assurance will also mean a higher price tag for the RO system. On top of that, installation could also present an extra cost if it’s something more difficult to undertake on one’s own. There are some premium reverse osmosis systems that will most definitely cost a lot more, but it does have certain models more on the affordable side. 

UV Filter 

A water filtering system that uses the power of the sun, or more specifically the power of the ultraviolet rays to clean water. This type of system can be considered a whole house water filter as it does the job of cleaning all the water that comes into a home very well. Most notably, viruses and germs are the contaminants that UV filters are made to clean out or in fact to make living organisms incapable of causing harm.

Water from wells greatly benefits from using a UV filter as they are not as heavily regulated by official governmental institutions and fall under owner responsibility. This also means that cleaning the water also comes under the owner’s responsibility and so does the cost. This price range might seem steep but the cheaper end of it is a bargain seeing as you get a whole house water filter. 

The Choice Is Yours

There are quite a lot of water filtering devices, ranging from models, types, and brands that will make it all that more difficult to choose. Price is one important component that affects the decision-making process but it’s not the only one. 

The contaminants, space, filtering medium, and more will all have to be taken into consideration when hunting for a water filter device. The good part is that even more complex and expensive water filters will have less expensive models to accommodate lower budgets.

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