Integrated solutions form theme of Schueco stand at BAU 2019

  • 28 Jan 2019

Every two years, the BAU Exhibition in Munich brings together the best companies in European construction, introducing new products and new techniques that will keep the industry moving forward. It is an exciting show, not only because of its sheer size and scope, but also because of the breadth of thinking and innovation displayed by market leaders like Schueco.

The buzz of excitement around Stand 301 in Hall B1 at this year’s BAU was palpable. Visitors from all over the world came here to see what fresh ideas Schueco had developed since the last show and they were certainly not disappointed.

The stand’s overarching theme – ‘Experience Progress’ – was a reference to the way in which Schueco products when combined with state-of-the-art digital software, are able to produce innovative solutions for the whole building envelope, providing sustainable answers to a wide range of contemporary challenges.

These include developments like urbanisation, globalisation and digitalisation, together with the desire for personal comfort, security, ease of access, health and sustainability.

The highly impressive two-storey Schueco stand aimed to show visitors the future direction of the building industry by displaying solutions for commercial and residential buildings that rely on bringing together advanced aluminium window, door and façade systems and combining them with the latest digital programs.

The overall message was clear: Schueco is concentrating not simply on the design and production of new stand-alone systems, but on providing digitalised solutions that have been individually tailored to meet the needs of a particular building.

To this end, the stand was divided into three clear focus areas: Digitalisation & Acoustics, Commercial and Residential, the latter two being sub-divided into ‘low-rise’ and ‘high-rise’, enabling visitors to quickly identify the section that would be of most interest to them.

This was also the inspiration behind ‘The Innovation Walk’ which ran through the middle of the stand and gave Schueco’s visitors the opportunity to discover the most important innovation topics in just 30 minutes.

For Schueco, health and sustainability are not mere aspirational slogans, but an intrinsic part of the Schueco approach to business – as was evidenced by the complete absence of printed paper on the stand – all brochures and manuals being available only digitally on-line.


The rationale for this is that it saves energy and natural resources, which is all part of Schueco’s 360o sustainability approach. It also informs the thinking behind the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) design concept: this stands for continuous material cycles and materials which minimise the effect on humans or the environment.

Buildings that follow the C2C design principles are constructed to be flexible, making them easier to convert or upgrade, thus introducing a valuable measure of future-proofing which will be reflected in their market value.

Most of Schueco’s aluminium window, door and façade systems are C2C-compliant and with 43 systems already awarded the more rigorous Silver certification, Schueco is, once again, leading the way in establishing unimpeachable sustainable credentials.

As already noted, all the Schueco systems on display at BAU 2019 were shown not as single products, but as integrated solutions focusing on seamless design and uninterrupted panoramic views.

Thus the recently launched ASE 67 PD sliding door with slim interlock and leaves up to 3.2 m high was shown integrated with an FWS 35 PD façade.

Also the AWS 75 PD.SI Panorama open-in window was presented in conjunction with a solar shading product called ZIP which looks stylish and contemporary while minimising solar gain.

Visitors were also impressed by the Schueco AWS 75.SI, a new window-door system that features a flush threshold but delivers an impressive 600 Pa water-tightness.

A new large sliding door, the ASE 80.HI with automated TipTronic operation, attracted particular attention. A triple-track version with flush threshold was on display which demonstrated its ease of operation which can be voice activated.


In addition, there was Schueco’s new AD UP door system which was representative of a new universal platform starting at 75 mm basic depth. This highly thermally efficient door which delivers watertightness up to 750 Pa can incorporate Schueco DCS Bluetooth opening and also Adeco panels.

Perhaps one of the most interesting new developments on show was the X-Sight concept, a top-of-the-range sliding door system. Visitors to the stand were given a demonstration of its USP – a dynamic threshold which rises after operation in order to provide level easy access. When the doors are open, the threshold is flush, but as the doors close, the threshold drops to expose the rollers to allow smooth closure.

Designed especially for high-end properties and with the fixed and sliding elements flush-fitted and the frame fully integrated into the wall, this concept product marks a quantum leap forward in sliding door design and puts Schueco well ahead of its competitors.

The importance that Schueco attaches to a clean environment in terms of promoting good health and general well-being, was made evident through the inclusion of two window-integrated, automated ventilation systems, VentoLife and VentoTherm Twist. The latter acts as a complete air management and heat recovery system with an overall efficiency rating of 81%.

A third of the stand area was devoted to digitalisation and acoustics, an indication that Schueco sees these as being two key areas for future growth. The aim was to show developers, architects, fabricators and clients the ways in which digital solutions can assist in every stage of a building project, from initial design, through to construction, day-to-day operation and eventual disposal.

As an example of Schueco’s strategic thinking, the BAU stand included the open-market and manufacture-independent digital solution – Plan.One – which is the digital source for information relevant to building planning.

Products in this area of the stand included sound-absorbing external façade elements such as panels and louvres, whose purpose is to reduce the amount of reflected sound which is an increasing problem in urban areas, particularly in narrow streets bordered by high-rise buildings.

Also on display were a number of related concept systems that deliver natural ventilation combined with noise cancelling techniques. Again, these pioneering products are being developed to provide solutions for the problems encountered in our increasingly urbanised society.

Typical of these was the Schueco AWS 90 AC.SI, which should be available in the UK in October. This is a turn-tilt window which offers 45 dB sound reduction when closed but also 31 dB when in the open position.

Another innovation was Building Skin Control, an advanced software system that enables Schueco doors and windows to be monitored and operated remotely via voice-activated Smart Home systems such as Amazon’s Alexa.

This chimes with Schueco’s drive to use digitalisation to enhance the comfort of occupants, improve building security and make best use of the possibilities offered by the automation of individual components

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