Key role of stone wool insulation in creating a home cinema experience

  • 25 Oct 2016

will-wigfieldGUEST BLOG

William Wigfield, Senior Technical Consultant at ROCKWOOL UK explains why stone wool insulation is the best choice to deliver an immersive Hollywood experience in the home.

With an increasing number of homeowners keen to transform their unused rooms, basements and garage space into home cinemas and media rooms, it’s important for architects and contractors to understand the role that insulation plays in delivering an immersive Hollywood experience.

Creating a home cinema

Technology. You either love it or hate it. Yet, one thing remains the same – we all need to know how to live with it, as it has become part of our everyday life.

More and more consumers are updating their current property with AV technology. Whilst the wider adoption of domestic electronics, TV and surround sound systems in the home is creating issues with unwanted noise pollution between properties and floors, in home cinemas and media rooms there is a significant additional enjoyment with an acoustically treated space.

Acoustic Treatment

For a cinema room to perform, it requires an acoustic treatment that will ensure sound is kept in the room. This allows the audience to immerse themselves as completely as possible whether it be a Hollywood action movie, a live concert or sporting event. It also, of course, will ensure that others beyond the room in adjacent properties or in floors above the room remain undisturbed.

It is recommended that architects decide at the design stage if the acoustic treatment will be concealed or revealed, or a combination of the two. Concealed methods usually see the treatment built into cavities behind walls, below the floor or in the ceiling, or installed within acoustic panels on the wall. This approach will ensure that the sound doesn’t escape into any surrounding rooms, whether above, below or next door.

Stone Wool Insulation

In meeting the acoustic requirements for home cinema and media rooms, the choice of insulation material will have a major impact. Stone wool insulation is renowned for its excellent acoustic properties. With its dense, non-directional fibre structure, stone wool insulation effectively traps sound waves and dampens vibration to provide an enhanced noise reducing solution both between adjacent properties and between rooms within the same home.

Fully tested to meet the rigorous demands of today’s legislation, stone wool insulation is proven to reduce ambient, impact and reverberation noise in this type of space.

Products in Practice

fullscreen-capture-25102016-162206Meridian, a manufacturer of high performance audio solutions has recently created a home theatre set up in their showroom in Huntingdon. Understanding the need for an acoustic solution that will allow its products to perform to the best of their ability, and to stop sound transference to and from other rooms, the company specified and installed ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation in the theatre.

Rayner Sheridan, Meridian’s Director of Marketing commented: “As a manufacturer of high performance audio systems it’s crucial that our demonstration facilities match the performance of our products. We recently undertook a complex refurbishment of our on-site theatre and have been delighted with the sound-proofing qualities that Rockwool has provided.”

Installing ROCKWOOL Sound Insulation provides a real reduction, allowing architects and builders to create the right acoustic environment for home cinema and media rooms. So, sit back, savour the popcorn and let your customer immerse themselves in the experience.

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