Telescopic Handlers

Telescopic Handlers: Functionality and Flexibility

  • 11 Jun 2024

Telescopic handlers are particularly useful machinery for lifting and moving heavy goods and objects. Their characteristics make them reliable and, above all, flexible, as they can be used in many contexts such as warehouses and construction sites.

Rotating Telescopic Handlers

In the logistics sector and for other specific needs, it is necessary to have equipment and machinery that allows for the safe and easy movement of bulky goods and objects. Among the most interesting solutions offered by the market are telescopic handlers. These machines are designed and manufactured for general lifting and are useful for various applications such as use on construction sites.

They can essentially be of two types, namely rotating telescopic handlers and fixed ones. The difference lies in the turret, which can be rotating in the case of the rotating model or fixed.

The handler therefore includes a turret with a telescopic arm to reach any height and a cockpit. The most innovative and functional models are also made with four-wheel drive traction and a set of stabilizers to perform the activity safely without jolts.

Telescopic Handlers

The main advantage of a rotating telescopic handler is its versatility and flexibility for use in any context, also thanks to the wide range of accessories available including platforms, winches, and forks. Magni TH is a company that has been designing and selling the latest generation of rotating telescopic handlers, such as the models from the RTH line, for many years.

They are machinery designed for the needs of small construction sites or companies involved in goods handling. These are compact and multifunction handlers that offer the opportunity to insert numerous accessories to customize the activity. The solutions of Magni TH rotating telehandlers are capable of meeting multiple needs in the construction sector and are equipped with pivoting stabilizers with a good support surface.

In addition, they have a load status control system capable of acquiring information to identify potential overload risks. From a technical point of view, they have a lifting capacity ranging from 4 to 13 tons while the lifting height they can reach ranges from 17.55 meters in the smaller models to 51.05 meters in the larger ones.

Solutions for All Sectors

Telescopic handlers are very useful for carrying out regular and extraordinary maintenance in the construction field and for the needs of companies active in the logistics sector. However, it is essential to have state-of-the-art handlers made by brands that make quality and reliability their distinctive traits, as in the case of Magni TH.

It is a brand born from the foresight of the founder Pietro Magni, who initially worked as a mechanic and tractor repairman as well as a builder of agricultural carts. Later, he invested in this activity by founding a company together with his children Riccardo, Giorgio, and Franca in 1972.

In 1980, the first telescopic handler with forks in Europe was created, featuring a patented arm, coming right from this company. All the devices designed and developed in the plant are the result of a perfect mix of dynamic quality and craftsmanship.

The machines for lifting and moving loads offer high safety standards, well above the market average with a range of models that is constantly renewed and expanded. Turning to Magni TH also means having the best possible solutions in terms of technological innovation and great attention to customer needs with impeccable service even in the post-sale phase.

In the wide range of solutions, there are also those of the HTH line, namely heavy-duty telescopic handlers that have capacities ranging from 10 to 45 tons. These models find great application in the industrial and port sectors.

The TH line is characterized by fixed handlers that offer a lifting capacity between 4.5 and 6 tons while the extension of the lifting arm reaches up to a maximum of 24.1 meters. There are also products made specifically for specific needs such as the Boat Eagle useful for the storage of boats and the Rickilift for the cultivation and harvesting of dates chain.

Telescopic handlers are a smart investment that simplifies work and above all makes it safer, provided that one turns to companies that make competence, quality, and experience their strengths to have an efficient and reliable machine.

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