The Various Types of Hand Tool & Their Uses for Construction

  • 16 Jan 2023

While the annual turnover of retail sales from decorating and DIY stores in the UK may have declined from its COVID-inspired peak, it is notable that the total spend in these outlets was £9.1 billion in 2020. This hints at there being a large number of DIY enthusiasts in the UK, and whether you’re a rank amateur or a qualified carpenter, there’s sure to be a diverse range of tools in your toolbox.

These will include a number of different hand tools, which are often safe and easy to use. Below is a look at the various types of available hand tools and their main uses!


1) The Hand Saw

This trusted tool is a key feature of every carpenter’s toolbox, and one that’s primarily used to complete relatively simple cuts on different types of wood. While hand saws are typically limited in their applications, they’re usually robust and durable, especially when you target high-quality Milwaukee hand tools and accessories.

2) The Claw Hammer

While hand saws are widely used and sold all across the world, the distinctive claw hammer is arguably the most recognisable hand tool in the world. To this end, the unique design of the hammer head allows for multifunctional usage, with a typically large striking face for hammering nails and a claw end for pulling them out. The claw function is particularly strong, and capable of extracting even embedded screws and nails from walls.

3) Pliers

Like the claw hammer, pliers are also classed as versatile and multifunctional hand tools, with three particular functions standing out. Certainly, you can grip and extract embedded items from surfaces with pliers, just as you can with a claw hammer, while they can also be used to turn tight screws in one direction or another. They’re also capable of cutting wires and durable cable ties, which may be useful when completing repairs or correcting simple DIY errors.

4) The Screwdriver

If you’ve ever invested in a screwdriver kit, you’ll know that these usually include a comfortable and durable handle alongside a selection of different screw heads and accessories. This enables you to work seamlessly with different types of screws (such as crossheads and flatheads), along with different sized screws depending on the precise application. This is why screwdriver kits tend to offer more value than buying single screwdriver products.

5) The Utility Life

We’ll close with the classic utility knife, which is a key additional to any toolkit or belt and one that’s primarily used to open boxes. However, they can also score drill holes on walls or plasterboard, while sharpening pencils as and when required. This is undoubtedly a flexible and useful tool, and one that probably has more applications that you realise! 

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