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Tips to Get the Best Loan Rates Possible

  • 8 Nov 2019

If you’re looking to apply for a loan, credit card, or mortgage in the near future, then it’s worth spending some time to make sure your credit files are in order, as this article explores…

Good credit history will mean that you get better payment terms and lower interest on loans, and you’ll be able to borrow more.

This will also prevent any issues from arising if you need a loan or credit card to cover an emergency payment. Make sure you have the best possible chance of being accepted for the credit you need with these tips.

Apply for a loan in times of stability

Stability is something that lenders will take into account when planning on lending to someone, so if you’re fully employed now, but expect that this may change in the next few months, then apply for any credit you need before this stability ends.

This may include going off on maternity leave, having to take time off for sickness, or if redundancy is a possibility. Just make sure that the lender isn’t being lied to when you’re going through your application process.  

Stop your credit cards

If you have multiple credit cards or store cards that you don’t regularly use, then cancel them in advance of applying for a new loan.

Credit cards are great to spread the cost of large purchases and for paymentcloud virtual terminal payments, for example, but if you clearly have a lot of available credit, then this can reduce the chances of getting additional credit.

If you have several credit cards, then keep the one with the longest-standing account as this can actually help your credit score, and then cancel any newer cards that aren’t being used.  

Minimise your debt

One of the factors that lenders will check before giving you access to credit is how much debt you have already. If you have a lot of debt with other lenders, this will make you look overly reliant on it and will reduce your chances of getting any more. Use savings to wipe off any debt you can while remaining comfortable. 

Review your monthly insurances

If you pay your insurance monthly, then this will appear on your credit file. Investigate with your insurance provider if a hard search has or will be performed if you’re planning on paying monthly, as there may be interest attached to this.

Use soft searches

As you’re looking for the right loan or credit card for you, make sure you don’t apply until you’re ready and confident that you’ll be accepted.

Applying for credit multiple times in a short period of time is a red flag for lenders as it suggests you’re desperate for a loan. See applications as an allowance, and the number of times that you apply will eat into this.

If possible, use soft searches that will check your eligibility for a loan without having to go through the full application process. This won’t go on your file, and lenders won’t be able to mark this against you.

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