Contour: Can You Get LST Radiators With Quick Delivery?

  • 9 May 2022

Does it feel like you’re constantly waiting for your low surface temperature radiators to be delivered? 

The deadline is set, your scope of supply has been agreed upon, and now it’s a matter of getting everything delivered and installed. 

It sounds easy, doesn’t it?  

Contour know more than most that that’s not always the case. Contractors and installation teams are often waiting for deliveries that are inevitably delayed. This problem is made much worse when you’re fitting radiators within the limitations of school holidays and the like.  

If you can’t get the work completed, there’s no plan B. 

Instead, you need to solve the problem at the source and find low surface temperature radiators with a delivery time that you can take to the bank. Only with this approach will you save headaches and roadblocks as the project moves forward.

LST Radiator: The Delivery Factors  

A lot goes into the design and manufacture of a low surface temperature radiator. It’s important to bear that in mind, especially if you’re working to tight deadlines.  

If you need unique shapes and will be installing them in unconventional locations, your lead time is going to be much longer than if you’re using standard sizes. On top of this, you also need to consider when you are placing the order.  

Placing an order well in advance of the deadline is going to take the pressure off you far more than if you’re ordering and expecting a delivery, installation, and completion within a handful of days.  

Other factors that might slow down the delivery of your LST radiator include things such as having them powder coated in a unique RAL number or finished with additional safety features. Because these affect the production process, it takes them much longer to be manufactured in sequence.  

With that, we’ve seen what can affect the lead time of LST radiators. This article addresses the question at the top of the page.  

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Quick Delivery LST Radiators 

Getting a low surface temperature radiator with a quick lead time is possible. It’s just a case of finding the LST radiator for you and your project.  

Depending on your project timeline, a lead time of three weeks, three days or three hours will likely define what you deem as ‘quick’. Generally speaking, though, the sooner you can get your LST radiators delivered, the sooner you can complete the installation and move on to the next project.  

Quick delivery LST radiators rely on being ‘off-the shelf’ with parts ready to go as soon as an order has been placed. There will be times when bespoke sizes, or different designs aren’t available off the bat. However, if what you require is consistent and of a standard variation, there’s one particular low surface temperature radiator that stands out.  

Covora Lite: The Low Surface Temperature Radiator With Quick Delivery 

Providing you with not just an LST radiator for education and other public settings, but one that will arrive on time, Covora Lite is helping people like you complete projects without the threat of overrunning. 

Covora Lite is a one-piece construction low surface temperature radiator and cover that boasts Contour’s quickest lead time.  

This design, twinned with end panels being kept in stock not only keeps the prices competitive but means you won’t be waiting indefinitely for your LST radiators to turn up. With a small amount of manufacturing (putting the parts together and painting) your LST radiators will be ready to dispatch in little more than 5 days.  

Covora Lite comes with all the unique design features you would expect of a quality Contour Heating product, including BioCote, pencil proof grilles and rounded corners.  

Your Quick Delivery LST Radiator 

If you’re looking for a low surface temperature radiator that gets delivered on time and means your project can be completed on budget, there is one obvious answer. Covora Lite.  

Designed with this as a core advantage, it’s a low surface temperature radiator that doesn’t jeopardise quality or safety.  

If you want prices for this project timeline changing LST radiator, get a quote today and speak to Contour’s expert team.  

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