Contour discusses durability of air conditioning guards

  • 23 Dec 2020

Air conditioning guards are made to protect air conditioning units from damage and corrosion to ultimately increase their longevity and durability. Therefore, a guard must be strong and robust to offer the protection that air conditioning units require.

In public settings, damage and vandalism can be more likely to happen along with general wear and tear. When this happens, air conditioning guards can become weaker more quickly and lose the protection it presents for the unit underneath.

It is therefore important to look for air conditioning guards that are made to be robust with strong material and opportunities to add strengthening properties if your specific needs require it.

When it comes to health environments, individuals may seek to self-harm. Where there are gaps or weak points in an air conditioning guard, it can be vandalised. Once destroyed, individuals can then use the broken furniture as a weapon to hurt themselves or to others.

When designing anti-ligature guards, manufacturers acknowledge that furniture can be more vulnerable to damage, this urges them to create products that are secure and solid than standard air conditioning guards. With the strength anti-ligature guards offer, the guard becomes more durable and protective to an air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning guards that can be made to be bespoke cater to a variety of unique design alternatives. This ensures that each and every customer receives the best possible guard for their needs.

In addition, it’s also important to look for an air conditioning guard company that provides a warranty. So, you have peace of mind that your guard is protected against.

With these features in place, your air conditioning guard will be strong and robust to offer a durable
air conditioning solution to protect your expensive units.

Contour works with the customer to decide the best bespoke guard for your needs, whether this is wall/
floor mounted or a flat panel.

Plus, Contour air conditioning guards are made in Zintec protected steel in various gauges from 1.5mm-2mm to offer a strong guard to shield your units. If your environment is a mental health unit or any other public space where extra strength may be needed, Contour can provide a strengthening strut to provide the front of the cover additional depth.

For anti-ligature features, Contour’s guards are made to be anti-ligature with safe edges and IP3x
grilles to reduce injuries.

To ensure peace of mind, all Contour guards are protected with a 5-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials for 5 years from the purchase date.

Our air conditioning guards can provide you with a robust, hygienic solution to protect your air conditioning units. These units allow for a 23% open area for airflow. However, to avoid air loss, it’s recommended that plenum is built once the air conditioning guard has been supplied.

Contour can be contacted at;
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