Contour: The Best Anti-Ligature & LST Heating Solutions: Meet The New Range

  • 7 Mar 2022

How can you ensure you’re getting the right heating solution for your establishment? Luckily, an entirely new range of safe heating products have just been released by Contour, coming hand-in-hand with the launch of a brand-new product brochure.

Download your copy here or continue reading to get a breakdown of the latest safe heating products. 

Cost Effective Low Surface Temperature Radiators: Covora Lite

Helping to get your projects over the line in greater time and on budget, Covora Lite is an all-new low surface temperature radiator. 

Perfect for those education sector refurbishments, this complete low surface temperature radiator and cover keeps costs down without losing any quality or safety features 

Designed with safety, strength, and cost efficiency at the forefront, Covora Lite is a one-piece construction low surface temperature radiator. With end panels in stock, this process means that Covora Lite is delivered much quicker, helping projects meet their deadlines. 

Manufactured from 1mm Zintec steel, Covora Lite is strong and resilient to impact. With rounded corners and pencil proof grilles, this low surface temperature radiator is ideal for use in educational environments. 

Stylish Radiator Options: Sovereign

Floor mounted, wall mounted, free standing or available as a heated bench, sovereign is an entirely new range of high-end heating options suited to offices, commercial and even domestic applications.

Sovereign has been manufactured to blend in with and complement a room’s existing décor. With its streamlined, elegant design, this range combines style and functional usability – through lamella heat exchangers.

Despite its appearance, the entire sovereign range still features a honeycomb grille design, making it difficult for foreign objects to get lost inside the radiator casing. 

With this philosophy of style and substance, sovereign is an entirely new product taking heating solutions to a new level of style and sophistication. 


Vertical LST Radiators

Ever been faced with needing to install a low surface temperature radiator, but not having the space to get the expected results?

It’s not an uncommon place to be, but now there’s a solution. 

The vertical low surface temperature radiator is designed to suit whatever space you have available, helping maintain high hygiene standards, without losing any quality of heating. 

Featuring the pencil proof grilles and other design features expected of Contour low surface temperature radiators, there’s an entirely new way to ensure safe heating. 

Because wall space is limited, having a radiator that uses the height of the wall rather than the width means that less space is lost, leaving more room for additional appliances or safety features. 

Open up the usability of your space by considering vertical LST radiators for your next project. 

DeepClean Extra: Vertical Anti-ligature Radiators 

Vertical radiators don’t just come in the form of low surface temperature radiators, with the launch of Vertical Extra there is now an anti-ligature option, too. 

Because the standard grilles of a vertical LST can be used as ligature points, the need for an anti-ligature option was essential. 

With its 2mm holes punched at 4mm centres, the risk of service users securing rope or cord and creating an anchor point is greatly reduced. 

Combined with the flexibility of creating more space in the surrounding environment, the vertical anti-ligature radiator offers the same space saving advantages, while providing additional options for use in mental health facilities and prisons.  

Your Safe Heating Solutions

And with that, the latest safe heating solutions are available for your project. 

Not only have they been designed to continue to provide the safest possible heating options, but stylish and sleek designs too. 

With an extensive range of pipe boxing, air conditioning covers and other anti-ligature products also available, what is stopping you getting started on your next project? 

Contour can be contacted at;
The Mansions
43 Broadway
TF11 8BB
Tel: 01952 290 498
Email: [email protected]

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