Contour: Vertical LSTs – Radiators To Help Maximise Space

  • 29 Apr 2022

There’s nothing more valuable than space. It’s the foundation of your project and if you don’t have the right space, you can’t install the right heating products.  

Previously, if you couldn’t install conventional radiators, you had two options. Fit them and make do with the spatial impact, or don’t install them and risk negatively impacting the comfort levels of users within your setting. 

Now though, there’s a third option. A vertical LST radiator. Contour has more…

Why Vertical LST Radiators? 

The ideal radiator for the aforementioned problem, vertical LST radiators provide the best possible heating without dominating the walls.  

Instead, they use the height of the wall as opposed to the width. With this approach, less space is lost, allowing for the installation of other appliances or products.   

Whether installed behind a door or mounted to the wall, vertical LST radiators come with a streamlined, flat-panel out casing, extending to any height requirement you have.  

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Where To Use Vertical LST Radiators 

You want to use your vertical LST radiators where space is at a premium.  

Consider both small and larger open spaces for instance. 

Bathrooms or en-suites are often the smallest room in any given setting, especially in places like care homes or hospitals. Using a vertical LST means you aren’t losing wall space but can still keep the environment warm.  

The second scenario is communal areas like GP waiting rooms or school halls. These larger spaces are always finding ways to maximise space allowing for more furniture. Without compromising heating, a vertical LST radiator is a product that helps achieve this.  

Your Vertical LST Radiator 

As you’d expect, vertical LST radiators help maintain that 43oc temperature heating requirement. This is a maximum surface heat temperature permitted in schools, public buildings and care homes.

Some models also provide anti-bacterial or anti-microbial protection, which is normally incorporated into the powder coating during manufacture. If you select a Contour vertical LST, users get BioCote anti-microbial protection, which helps keep hygiene levels high and microbe levels low. To find out more about BioCote, click here 

Easy to clean, easy to install and easy on the eye, the vertical low surface temperature radiators provide another viable option for your heating installations.  

To discover the product’s outputs and learn more about the latest heating products from Contour, download th2022 brochure here 

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