CUPA PIZARRAS: Exacting architect discovers CUPACLAD

  • 5 Apr 2023

‘The CUPACLAD® installation, my first as a specifier, was excellent’ – the words of an innovative American architect after using the CUPA PIZARRAS product.

Richard Pedranti is an architect specialising in environmentally conscious building strategies. His firm, Richard Pedranti Architect (RPA), has the ability to create beautiful buildings that achieve the rigorous Passive House standard.

Combining intelligent modern design and 21st Century building standards, RPA creates extraordinary places that exist in harmony with the environment and fulfil the unique aspirations of each client.

A retired couple from New York approached Pedranti to design a modern, energy efficient weekend retreat home in Spring Lake, New Jersey. They had made the decision to tear the existing 2,000 square foot structure down and replace it with a Net Zero residence that could be accessible for weekends year-round.

The residence won the Architectural Excellence COTE Award 2020, granted by AIA Pennsylvania for the performance of the building for the health and wellness of the occupants and the environment where it is placed.

Richard explains: “I look at new products almost every day, many of which are used for cladding. For this project, we initially considered an attractive new plastic product, which fit visually with the building’s planned design as well as with the surrounding landscape.

“After testing this product, it wasn’t nearly as durable as required for an all-weather rainscreen system.”


Matt Berk, of EcoSupply, introduced RPA to CUPACLAD®, a natural slate rainscreen system new to the USA, but highly successful throughout Europe and Scandinavia for years. Ironically, the large windows specified for this house were also a product provided by EcoSupply.

Invisible connectors

The CUPACLAD® 101 Logic rainscreen system has invisible connectors that make this stunning natural slate a major attraction of any facade.

This cladding offers any facade balance, always complementing other materials while sporting natural slate’s inimitable texture and sheen.


Consisting of 40×20 cm (roughly 16” x 8”) slates installed horizontally, CUPACLAD®’s 101 series offers a single fastening system with self-drilling screws, which ensure optimal installation for decades, while remaining invisible to avoid impacting design. CUPACLAD® slate is a sustainable natural product, which requires no maintenance whatsoever.

As well as describing the CUPACLAD® installation as ‘excellent’, Richard adds: “From the first samples, to the presentation from Matt Berk, and the details available on the website, it was a pleasure to work with the CUPACLAD® product line.”

For more information about CUPA PIZARRAS and the CUPACLAD® systems, visit

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