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  • 24 Feb 2021

Through developing the innovative DeepClean LST radiator and anti-ligature guard range, Contour has enabled the NHS to potentially save more than £35 million since 2006.

With the use of BioCote® being incorporated at the manufacturing stage, Contour offers optimum protection against various microbes, such as bacteria, mould, and some viruses.

Saving Costs For Hospital Radiators

For example, replacing traditional LST units with DeepClean LST radiators or guards could save £47,174.40 in cleaning costs by the end of year 1, or over £314.50 per radiator/guard.

The Benefits Of DeepClean LST Radiators

Traditional radiators are a two-person job when cleaning, taking at least 30 minutes to remove one radiator, which amounts to cleaning 14 LST radiator guards per day. To clean 150 radiators properly, two people would need 10 days, budgeting to at least £52,416 with the National Living range.

On the other hand, DeepClean LST radiators require just one person to open the LST casing, taking only five minutes to clean properly, including the back of the radiator and the wall behind it.

With this, on average, one person can clean 84 radiators in seven working hours. At National Living Wage, this will cost £5,241.60 per year, considerably less compared to the traditional LST radiator.

Contour takes cleaning and hygiene one step further with our DeepClean range, with the benefits of our DeepClean radiators for hospital environments – you can save time costs.

Use Of Biocote® In The DeepClean Radiator

The DeepClean range is a low surface temperature radiator guard that includes BioCote® at the manufacturing stage. It is an anti-microbial agent and offers protection against various microbes.

Combined with cleaning regimes and hand hygiene, BioCote® provides the ultimate protection for hygiene. To view a list of prominent microbes BioCote® has been proven effective against, click here.

With BioCote®, you can be assured your hospital radiator is sanitary. This is specifically important in hospital environments, where hygiene is the main priority to reduce infections.

Rotarad Kit For LST Radiators

The DeepClean range is fully compatible with the Rotarad Kit Contour offer; this kit allows for radiators to drop down to the floor in just two locks. So, cleaning and maintenance are made simpler and a lot quicker compared to one-piece construction radiators, which can become long-winded and troublesome to remove.

Cleaning and maintenance become quick and easy with rotated radiator valves, allowing the radiators to be rotated down to floor-level. This saves time and labour, as it only requires one person alone to properly clean.

Rotarad is an exclusive, WRAS, KTW and ACS approved rotating valve kit, used on both new installation projects, and retrofitted to existing radiators and to eliminate any access problems.

This kit is perfect for hospital environments, because the growth of dust and dirt can be easily cleaned without it being hard to reach or trapped, therefore reducing the risk of infection rates for all hospital service users.


Contour’s DeepClean LST radiator makes cleaning and hygiene significantly more effective and easier to achieve. With the manufacturing process incorporating anti-microbial agents to reduce the risk of infections, the DeepClean LST radiators overall have easy access to clean. This saves hospitals millions in costs of labour and ensures more can be done in the time available.

Contour can be contacted at;
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Tel: 01952 290 498
Email: [email protected]

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