Delta Membranes: Paragon – Sump Pump Refurbishment

  • 29 Mar 2023

The scope of a recent Delta project was to specify and install a remediation basement drainage system to a property in London where the existing basement drainage pump system had failed causing extensive flood damage to the basement studio.

Delta Registered Pump Servicing Installers, Paragon Pump Servicing, were appointed as basement pump specialists to undertake both the remedial specification and installation of the solution.

A key component of a Type C, Drained Protection System is the drainage system. Often referred to in the industry as ‘basement drainage’. Type C, Cavity Drained Protection systems are water management systems.

The Type C System manages water that penetrates the external shell of a structure by collecting it in a cavity formed between the external wall and an internal lining/wall. There is permanent reliance on this cavity to collect groundwater seepage and direct it to a suitable discharge point. For Type C, Cavity Drainage Systems to function as intended, water ingress should be removed by a gravity drain/gravity drainage or mechanical pumping.


Basement drainage ‘pumped systems ’should be engineered to cope with worst case scenario of water ingress. It should always be assumed that groundwater is expected to rise against any structure at some point during its service life.

The number of sump pump systems required for each project will (in part) depend on the overall basement size, perimeter, and the method of drainage. Type C membranes should be installed above drainage channels.


Paragon Pump Servicing’s Owner, Aaron White, initially met with the main contractor to discuss the project needs.

During site inspections, it was noted the basement drainage system was managing both groundwater and surface water. The existing sump pump system that had a single pump had failed due to no regular maintenance and a temporary pump had been dropped into the system on lay flat hose.

After undertaking a site inspection, Paragon recommended using a dual pump setup combined with a bespoke manifold to fit in the chamber and the addition of a Delta HLA, high water level alarm.

The remediation commenced by removing the existing sump pump from the chamber, followed by a full pump station clean. Two Delta V3 pumps were then installed on a bespoke manifold, which would facilitate fitting the dual equipment in the existing chamber and ease for future maintenance of the sump pump system. The Delta set up in this application is capable of discharging both groundwater and surface water.

By adding a Delta HLA (high level water alarm) to the pump system, not only would the pumps be monitored in the event of a power outage, but the owner would also be alerted if a high water level was experienced. The work also included installing the new high level alarm in the main house so it can always be heard.

Prior to signing off the project, the basement drainage system was flood tested to ensure it could run at ‘worst case scenario’.


· Delta V3 submersible pumps

· Delta HLA (high level alarm)

Case Study Results

As a Delta Registered Servicing Installer, Paragon was able to commission the pumps at the time of installation and provide the homeowner with service cover for the sump pump system.

Paragon completed the remediation effectively and efficiently leaving the homeowner with a dry, usable basement studio.

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