EJOT’s new fastener seal test solution developed for sinusoidal sheets

  • 19 Jul 2023

EJOT UK has extended the capabilities of its VACUtest seal testing kit to give installers an easy way to maintain the highest quality standards when using self-drilling screws with the ever-popular 13.5-3 sinusoidal panel.

The development of a new suction cup for this type of panel represents the latest stage in EJOT’s ongoing programme to support the industry through fastener best practice guidance and a range of practical tools and accessories. 

Following the creation of its best practice videos designed to help installers perfect their fastener insertion and seal testing techniques, the company’s UK R&D team turned its focus to ensuring contractors have the right kit for sinusoidal panels, which are becoming increasingly popular with architects.

Through its continued support for contractors and OEMs, EJOT ultimately seeks to help installers deliver superior performance in the building envelope whatever the panel specification.

Innovative design 

The new VACUtest suction cup allows installers to easily perform seal testing on the fastener heads of sinusoidal panels, also commonly referred to as corrugated sheets, due to its innovative design.


It is placed over the head of the installed screw, precisely fitting the curves of the panel to allow a vacuum to be created when air is withdrawn from it using the VACUtest pump. A gauge on the pump enables the installer to check if the washer compression of the self-drilling screw is sufficiently airtight and take corrective action if needed.

The new cup was developed at EJOT UK’s Applitec Centre near Leeds for use with the widely used 13.5-3 sinusoidal panels, initially to respond to an OEM’s request to extend the range of cups available to accommodate these sheets.

On further investigation, however, the R&D team discovered that this was in fact a breakthrough solution as there was no existing market offering, and so it set out to be the first to develop a suction cup with a universal fit, rather than give installers an overload of cup options. 

Its development was facilitated through rapid prototyping that enabled the team to modify the original design concept and materials with relative ease and achieve the delicate balance of material shore-hardness required for a high quality vacuum seal.


This latest suction cup adds extra functionality to VACUtester, which already provides a testing solution for the fastener seals on flat surface roofing and cladding sheets through its existing suction cup options.

These can be used to seal test screws that fit within a 24mm or 34mm internal diameter, and a third larger cup option for special applications offers an internal diameter of 54mm. 


Jon Knaggs, Technical Advisor with EJOT UK’s Applitec team, says: “As sinusoidal or corrugated sheets are growing in popularity with architects given the creative potential they offer, it’s encouraging to see that finding an easy way to test the fastener seals on these types of panels is becoming a priority for some OEMs and contractors. 

“Our UK R&D was able to respond quickly and effectively. Following discussions with our customers, the team worked hard to develop a solution that not only met but exceeded expectations, providing a suction cup that saves time and hassle on-site. 

“Whilst it’s normal practice to secure through the valley in the overwhelming majority of applications, we are also aware that a crown fastening is used as a secondary fixing. Thus, the new cup design is to some extent future-proofed as it also fits over the panel’s crown by simply rotating the cup through 90 degrees.”


Guidance on how to use VACUtest to check the seals on installed self-drilling screws is available on the EJOT website, including a step-by-step instructional video, along with details of how to purchase the kit. In addition to this guidance, EJOT has also produced a best practice video on how to correctly use self-drilling screws with details of which type of screw gun to use, the correct nosepiece and tips on technique.

To access this guidance and learn more visit the dedicated section of EJOT UK’s website.

For further information and technical support for selecting and using self-drilling screws, call EJOT UK on 01977 687040 or email [email protected]

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