ERA Protect Launch – next generation of smart home security is backed by BSI IoT kitemark

  • 1 Oct 2020

ERA, the UK’s security specialist, has launched ERA Protect, the next generation wireless smart security system and the first of its kind to attain the prestigious BSI IoT Kitemark.

Bringing alarm and camera excellence, ERA Protect offers the ultimate in security confidence and even when there is a broadband outage, the built-in 4G roaming SIM allows crucial data to be sent to the secure ERA Cloud, all controlled by one intuitive smartphone app.

ERA Protect offers a multitude of capabilities and features that empower users to take charge of their smart security, from start to finish.

BSI IOT Kitemark – an industry first

Extensive research and development by the innovative ERA team to deliver a completely different offering, has resulted in ERA being the first organisation to attain the BSI IoT (British Standards Institution Internet of Things) Kitemark.

BSI developed the IoT Kitemark in response to the rapid growth of internet connected products and is designed to help customers confidently and easily identify IoT devices they can trust to be safe, secure and functional.

This verification is a reflection of both the hard work and investment made in ERA Protect to deliver the ultimate in accessible, but serious, security.


The ERA Protect difference

Building on previous product ranges to continue developing a serious security solution that can be relied upon and trusted, rather than a gadget, the ERA Protect range launches with an Alarm, Siren, Accessories along with an Outdoor camera and Floodlight camera.

The first major difference between ERA Protect and other alarm systems is the way the alarm and the cameras work together.  Wirelessly connected and operating fully in harmony, the settings allow cameras to be controlled via the same app and triggered as a complete system during alert situations. 

What’s even more unique, is that if the broadband connection goes down, the 4G roaming SIM will still allow the video recordings from cameras to be stored to the cloud upon alarm trigger.

The result gives a robust, security-driven system that can be tailored to fit individual needs – with all the help and support that ERA has become well-known for.

One ECO System – one app 

All ERA Protect products are fully integrated and work seamlessly together using the intuitive, easy to use smartphone app. One simple app allows users to view and monitor their precious homes or premises at any time from anywhere in the world – via the high quality 1080p HD video imagery – giving them ultimate convenience and reassurance.

Being wireless, unlike time consuming, costly hard-wired systems, ERA Protect can be easily connected – and disconnected – should customers move house. In addition, the system can be added to at a later date – maybe an additional PIR or camera is required – giving great flexibility.

With no fixed long-term contracts to be tied into, ERA Protect’s subscription packages are optional and can be cancelled at any time should circumstances change.

Confidence is key

Confidence is a key concept for ERA Protect – a theme that runs through every aspect of the system.

Completely revolutionary to a smart alarm smart system, ERA Protect offers a unique professional monitoring capability and ‘on the ground’ local authority response if required. 

This means a house can be monitored by professionals and in an alert situation, someone will contact the authorities directly if it is a verified intruder. 

This is a huge confidence boost for the elderly, or people away from home and not able to attend their own home in an emergency. 

What’s more, the Professional Monitoring is available on short-term basis ad hoc and no long-term expensive contracts are required meaning you can opt in and out of the professional monitoring when it suits you.

To give customers added confidence, ERA have also invested effort into small things which make big differences. For example, the motion detection in cameras is PIR driven which significantly reduces false alerts and therefore instils more confidence.

Cameras have protected wiring so vandalism is reduced and a lot of focus has gone into making sure the alarm system itself can’t easily be jammed or affected by power cuts.

ERA also offers the benefit of its experienced product specialists for help and advice, available to both installers and end users, via its UK-based Helpline.

Secure Security at its best

For those looking for total security, ERA Protect has been developed by a trusted security brand and built by security people – crucially, not gadget people. This simple fact makes all the difference to the end result.

For example, employing encrypted technology means that accounts, and importantly data, is safe and secure, whilst being wireless means that there are no cables to cut that would render the system inoperable. Where cabling does exist on the cameras, it is protected to defend against vandalism.

Alongside the IoT kitemark, reassuringly, the alarm settings and video recorded data are also secure and are held directly on ERA’s in-house GDPR-compliant Cloud Platform.

This ensures all data is safely stored within the UK and Ireland and does away with any compromised data storage risks associated with a third party.

The ERA Protect product range and service packages

There are three main products within the ERA Protect range: –

 – ERA Protect Alarm System– easily programmed via the app and features alerts sent via push, phone call or SMS notification to pre-programmed alert numbers for added peace of mind.

 – ERA Protect Outdoor Camera – boasts on-demand recording when in live view for instant recordings.

 – ERA Protect Floodlight Camera – discrete security as it looks like a floodlight only with no indication that it also incorporates a camera.

Allowing customers to tailor their security system to meet their individual needs, ERA Protect is available in a range of four Service Packages, with corresponding monthly fees.

ERA Protect Basic has no monthly fee and means you can use the basic monitoring features of the alarm as well as making use of the live view capabilities from the camera. 

For those wanting camera back up to the cloud storage, but are not so concerned about 4G backup capability, it is simply £2.99 per month for up to 4 cameras. 

Alternatively, for both camera cloud storage and 4G Roaming SIM backup, the ERA Protect Plus package is £9.99 per month.  Finally, if someone also wanted professional monitoring, the ERA Protect Plus Premium Package is £19.99 per month.

Tania Tams, Head of Marketing at ERA, commented: “With ERA Protect, we pushed security as far as we could go – and then we went further. Our three key concepts – firstly, our working security ECO system; secondly, confidence in our products and services and thirdly, our quest for ‘total security’ – have all driven the design, development and manufacture of ERA Protect and is reflected in our BSI IoT Kitemark attainment – a shining endorsement of our faith in providing truly secure security.

“Coupled to this, the ERA Protect system is also approved by the Neighbourhood Watch, a much recognised brand in communities UK wide and packaging is supported with both the BSI IoT Kitemark and the Neighbourhood Watch logo.

“We can now deliver a truly new way of providing high quality, yet affordable smart security with the end user placed firmly at the centre and being totally in control. 

“ERA Protect is different – in concept, in design and in delivery of results – welcome to the next generation.”

For further information on ERA’s brand new ERA Protect range of smart home security, visit, email [email protected] or contact the sales team on 01922 490000.

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