Freefoam: Cladding will supercharge your home improvement growth

  • 31 Jul 2023

“Looking for growth for you and your installer customers?” asks Colin St John, Commercial Director of Freefoam. “Cladding is number one on homeowners’ list of improvements for 2023.”

In the home improvement industry people use words like transformation very loosely and they can lose their meaning. So, until you see it with your own eyes, it’s easy to focus on windows and doors and overlook the transforming effect our products have on properties, particularly cladding. Homeowners and installers who see it are blown away.

It’s partly the before and after effect. Before being dingy distressed timber cladding, dirty pebbledash, cracked discoloured tiles, or boring brickwork, and partly the effect of scale when large areas of the property look terrible.

And it’s hard to improve the appearance of a property that much with windows and doors however attractive they are when 80% or more of the property surface looks drab and depressing. There’s simply nothing like attractive cladding to transform a house. The whole house sparkles. 

Manufacturing is just the start

Freefoam is a manufacturer that believes that its journey does not finish at the end of the production line. 

Running parallel to product design, development and manufacturing, over 20 years our teams have extensively researched the presentation, packaging, storage, promotion and selling of our cladding range. Freefoam’s aim is to offer an attractive, easy to handle product solution for customers.

At the same time, Freefoam has developed market leading literature and point of sale materials to enable stockists to present our cladding systems to their customers in the most professional way. Its promotional materials have been developed from involving all the stakeholders and listening to their feedback. 

Freefoam provides simple, effective kit that supports the sales journey all the way along the selection process.

Comments from customers, C & S Fascias and Think Home Improvements, give a flavour of how the approach is working…

“We get loads of support and if we’ve got any technical queries, they’re always there for us.”

“The products are great to work with, Freefoam support us with guarantees that get us a hell of a lot of work. We don’t get that with any other manufacturer.”

“At Freefoam, the service is there alongside good quality, durable products. I can contact them directly and get straight through. The range of colours is a real selling point for Fortex cladding. Greys are most popular along with Sage Green, particularly for homes in the local villages.”

Online tools

For many homeowners, the remaining hesitancy to deciding on any large home improvement project is being able to imagine what the finished product will look like once it is installed.

For that reason, Freefoam developed two consumer-driven websites so homeowners can see how their home might look and make informed choices about their projects. 

That’s why Freefoam developed the On-Line Visualiser. It virtually takes the guess work out of the equation. Whether you use an image from our gallery or upload a photograph of your project you can select the areas to be cladded and experiment with an array of cladding options ranging from style, colour and finish. Once you’re happy you’ve got the right look, you save your solution and have an image sent to you. Watch the video here.

For those with an eye for DIY, or project management, Freefoam has taken things one step further and developed a handy tool to give you a full breakdown of all the materials you will need for your project. Everything from cladding boards and fitting trims, to wooden battens, membrane and fixing screws – a complete shopping list.

Add in the measurements of the area to be clad, choose a cladding type and colour, select the trims and the calculator generates a list with quantities for all elements. The details are emailed to you, so you’ve got everything you need to get material costs from Freefoam stockists. 

Supporting the whole sales process end to end is part of our DNA, so customers are free to focus on winning business. 

Cladding is transforming homes across the UK. To tap into this market and transform your business, call 0800 002 9903 or visit


Freefoam Building Products,
77-83 St James Mill Road,
United Kingdom

Tel: 01604 591110

Visit the Freefoam website

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