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  • 7 Jun 2024

With challenges such as financial demands and space constraints being a key consideration for many heating and hot water projects, compact modular condensing boilers such as the Upton boiler from Hamworthy are a game changer for both commercial new build and refurbishment projects alike. This space-saving modular boiler can efficiently deliver more than 1MW output on less than 1m² footprint.

Packing power and efficiency into a small space

When specifying a heating system, the first consideration should, without doubt, be the required kW output needed. However, once this is calculated, plant room size and access are equally as important.  

For projects in older buildings, where demands might vary or may have increased over time, there may be a need to increase boilers or boiler size. This could be an issue for plant rooms where space is already quite tight, particularly if it means the boiler and ancillaries simply won’t fit the existing space.   

Similarly, when it comes to modern commercial buildings, plant room space is like gold dust, particularly in city centres where space is of a premium. Here, compact heating solutions that don’t compromise on high outputs are a must!


The good news is, compared to large high-output boilers, Upton modular condensing boiler modules make the most of valuable space with a smaller price tag.  

Available as single modules, and pre-assembled in two or three high modules in up to 18 combinations with power outputs from 100kW to 1,050kW from less than one square meter foot, Upton boilers offer a flexible solution that makes the most of existing floor space. 

With the choice to assemble in a horizontal arrangement or as a vertical stack, modules can be positioned in a way that best suits a plant room layout.

Easily separated

Helping to address any potential access issues, Upton boilers can also be easily separated and moved to the place of use without the assistance of heavy-duty cranes or other expensive equipment. 

Smaller and physically easier to transport and handle than larger single boilers, they can also help to overcome any potential restrictions, such as tight stairways, narrow doorways, and overhead obstructions. For example, when a multi-tenanted six-story office block in London needed to replace its existing boilers, that had come to the end of their service life, two low-level Hamworthy Upton modular boilers were specified side by side to overcome the building’s restricted ceiling height.  

Energy efficiency by better head load matching 

A heating system should deliver the right amount of heat at the right time in the right place, otherwise, energy is wasted. Here, Upton boilers offer a modulation of 5:1 per module (increasing to 15:1 in a three-high vertical stack), allowing closer control of the output.

Cost reduction and energy savings

Unlike a single appliance which may struggle to provide heat efficiently to a large area, Upton boilers feature reliable built-in boiler sequence controls, enabling up to 16 boiler modules and hot water circuits to be set to work together in cascade or unison formation.

This means modulation can be shared across all units in the system. As each module takes a percentage of the load, this prevents the inefficiencies of on/off cycling and ensures each boiler module can operate at optimum efficiency, at all times. 

For instance, an Upton setup of six 100kW boilers arranged in a cascade will provide the same output as a single 600kW unit – however, it will provide a greater modulation rate because there is a greater maximum collective output, meaning the modulation ratio is increased.  

This means there’s less need for each boiler to cycle on and off, saving valuable energy costs and reducing wear and tear over time.  In addition, overall NOx emissions are reduced due to less over-firing of the appliance.

Also incorporating an aluminium sectional l heat exchanger (with a 5-year warranty) for quick heat-up times, even heat distribution and maximum efficiency of up to 108%, Upton boilers are also fully compliant with the Energy Related Products Directive (ErP) and Building Regulations Part L.

Reduced downtime

Upton boilers can also help to increase system security. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, the building can still be heated sufficiently by other modules in the system – if one module fails, the other modules will carry on working normally as the boilers run in a cascade operating configuration.  

This is a particularly important consideration for many commercial facilities that rely on heating and hot water to be able to operate safely. In the same vein, when it comes to routine service and maintenance intervals, each boiler can be taken offline independently, without disrupting the continuation of supply. Furthermore, thanks to its removable front and side panel, Upton boilers offer easy access for system cleaning or servicing.

When it comes retrofit projects, it’s also worth remembering that Upton boilers can be installed alongside the existing boiler.  This enables a smooth changeover from the old heating system to new with little or no system downtime. 

This is a particularly important consideration for projects in schools, hotels and the health sector where continuous heating is crucial.

To further aid with design, Upton boilers also feature water and gas connections in the same position across the range, regardless of output.  This means that even if a project’s requirements change over time, models can be cost-effectively swapped with minimal effect to pipework and plant room design.


In today’s world of emission concerns, pressures to reduce cost and the need to achieve more with less, Upton boilers are superior in helping to reduce the energy consumption needed to meet the demands of a building. Delivering a constant and reliable heat supply, without the risk of costly disruption and unplanned downtime, Upton boilers can offer a cost-effective alternative to a traditional large single boiler. 

Moreover, thanks to their small footprint and low CO2 and NOx emissions, they successfully reduce the space needed for heating equipment while lowering impact on the environment.

Easy to install, with low maintenance requirements, Upton boilers are available with a choice of complete optional kits to aid installation. To further support the transition, our friendly Hamworthy team are on hand every step of the way to help ensure installation is as straightforward as possible.

No stranger to the world of modular boilers, Hamworthy introduced its first model to the UK market in the 1960s. Building on this successful heritage by listening to customers, Hamworthy has continued to innovate and push the boundaries in efficient modular boiler design, which is used by over 80% of commercial boiler installations today.

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