HIMACS gives Cologne Design Office a refined and contemporary finish

  • 13 Sep 2023

When designing the interior of a design studio, it’s important to consider both aesthetic impact as well as practicality and hygiene. With this in mind, HIMACS is featuring in the cabinet fronts and countertops of a German-based office, design hub and workshop.

The Sapphire and Maui elements give the space a contemporary look and feel with a refined palette that brings a sense of the outside, in.

Founded in 2015 by Christoph Gerdesmeyer and Jonas Krohn, the Gerdesmeyer Krohn Office for Design in Cologne specialises in product and interior design, creating individual design solutions for both national and international clients.

Situated in the premises of an old locksmith’s shop, their new office offers plenty of space for the team of 10, with high ceilings and plenty of natural light.

As they are experts in design, Gerdesmeyer Krohn were able to create the new interior themselves, renovating and adapting their new surroundings to the needs of their innovative design studio.

The result

The result comprises a front room that now serves as a showroom and meeting space, a central hub for the planning team and a workshop at the rear.

The aim of the company’s own brief was to represent the entire creative process of the studio in one property, from conception and planning to construction and implementation.

The style is one of minimalism meets industrial charm and for product designer Alexander von Dombois, the colour choice of the HIMACS elements was carefully considered.

“The Maui green countertop underlines the decorative colour of the fronts and reflects the lively green of the plants, creating the perfect contrast to the quartz cooking island.” he comments.

“At the same time, the HIMACS material is extremely easy to clean and durable, so that it not only convinces aesthetically but also fulfils functional aspects. The translucent nature of the Sapphire blue meanwhile allows plenty of light to gently shine through, creating lighting effects. The Solid Surface look gives the element a unique structure and depth in contrast to the beige wall.”

Maui and Sapphire

HIMACS in Maui is ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications and using it on a large scale, as shown in the Design Studio’s kitchen area countertop, creates a dramatic look with plenty of practical appeal. This is thanks to its luxurious natural stone effect which is hygienic, hardwearing, waterproof and easy to clean. Part of the Volcanics range, it also contains recycled content, making it a sustainable choice too.



HIMACS in Maui from the Volcanics collection was selected for the kitchen countertop


The Sapphire Lucent HIMACS in the cabinet fronts and countertop is a translucent pastel blue. Durable and non-porous, it’s also easy to clean. It is hygienic, as bacteria and dirt have nowhere to hide, and is easily repairable, as any heavy stains and scratches are erasable by simply rubbing with household cleaner.

The team at Gerdesmeyer Krohn Office for Design did all the realisation in-house within its own workshop, showcasing the one-stop-shop approach from this forward-thinking team, which now has one building to house its entire process, giving visitors and potential clients an all-encompassing insight into its interior and kitchen projects, from conception through to completion.


HIMACS in Sapphire for the fronts and countertop in the design department

The perfect choice

With its innate flexibility and special characteristics, HIMACS is the perfect choice for business premises, offices and headquarters. HIMACS is hardwearing, durable and fire resistant as well as exceptionally hygienic and resistant to damage, scratches, stains and UV light.

Its non-porous surface makes it simple to clean, while its thermoformable properties means it’s mouldable into any shape and size. The absence of visible seams also ensures a seamless finish that prevents dirt, bacteria and viruses building up on the surface. This makes HIMACS a Solid Surface material with unbeatable hygienic and clean air properties, guaranteed by certifications that comply with LGA, NSF international standard and Greenguard.

Information about the product design

Project name: Gerdesmeyer Krohn Office for Design

Location: Cologne, Germany

Designer: Gerdesmeyer Krohn

Fabricator: Gerdesmeyer Krohn

HIMACS Supplier: BECHER GmbH & Co

Material: HIMACS S303 Sapphire and VG21 Maui: lxhausys.com/uk/himacs

Photos: Gerdesmeyer Krohn

HIMACS elements: Countertops and fronts

HIMACS. Because Quality Wins

Read about a dental practice in Germany featuring contemporary, hygienic HIMACS surfaces by hitting the link.

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