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How to clean mould in your bathroom: Saint-Gobain Weber

  • 16 Oct 2019

If black mould in your bathroom is a problem, the following is a guide from Saint-Gobain Weber that will walk you through how to get rid of it, and how to prevent it from returning.

Three easy tips for putting a stop to mould

1. Keep it clean

It doesn’t take long for baths and showers to build up a level of grime, so staying ahead of the cleaning will pay dividends.

A swift wipe down a couple of times a week can be more effective than an intensive scrub once a month, as it stops bacteria settling long enough to produce mould in the first place.

2. Choose your cleaning solution

If there are signs of mould growing on grout or tiles, you may need something a little stronger than your everyday bathroom cleaner.

While bleach will remove any staining as a result of the mould, it won’t kill the spores, particularly when it comes to a porous surface like grout. Pure vinegar however, should kill the mould spores and prevent them returning

3. Let it soak

Using pure vinegar in a spray bottle, give the area a generous dose and leave to soak for one hour. For more stubborn mould stains when cleaning tile grout, a scrubbing brush or toothbrush should be used to lift the stain.

When removing mould make sure the area is well ventilated, both during cleaning and for a couple of hours afterwards.

With natural cleaning solutions such as vinegar, they should be safe to use on all types of tile, and coloured grouts as there is no need to worry about fading.

With shop-bought cleaning solutions and bleach however, it’s best to check whether it’s safe to use on the chosen tiles/grout first.

Prevention is better than cure 

There are a few measures you can take to make sure your bathroom is as protected from mould as it can be

1. Use mould-resistant grout

Not all grout is created equal. The first step in keeping mould at bay is using a mould-resistant grout. All Weber tile grouts are formulated with Mould Stop Technology which makes the surface of the grout inhospitable to mould spores.

This prevents mould in two ways, by resisting water, and by containing ingredients that kill mould. It’s also safe to use with all types of tile, from ceramic to stone.

2. Minimise moisture

Mould loves moisture and flourishes in humid areas, so it is best not to leave bathrooms full of steam at the end of a bath or shower.

Even opening a window can make a massive difference, quickly letting the moisture out and fresh air in.

If it is too cold to do this, or if your bathroom does not have a window, an extractor fan is a good alternative for ventilation.

Just switch it on whenever you are using the bath or shower. If a fan is not helping to stop the spread of mould, it may need replacing with one that has a higher capacity.

If you have any tips for preventing mould, let Saint-Gobain Weber know on Twitter – @SGWeberUK

When it comes to refreshing a bathroom, why not use one a Saint-Gobain Weber grout? weberjoint premium is not only mould-resistant, but has been formulated with PURE CLEAN anti-stain technology, and comes in a choice of 18 colours. 

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