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Insight Data: It’s time to keep up with the true power of email marketing

  • 1 Nov 2022

Email marketing has been around for decades, but many people are still not convinced that it should form part of your marketing toolkit. Insight Data disagrees…

For reasons like this, it’s been predicted that email marketing will die out and be replaced by instant messaging platforms, social media channels, and other new technologies. However, this isn’t the case.

Nowadays people can access emails in the palm of their hand making email marketing one of the most powerful tools that businesses should be utilising.

While you can’t guarantee that everyone has a social media presence or actively uses these channels, you can be sure that everyone has an email address.

This is because, without one, you’re not able to create a social media profile, order online, sign-up for streaming services and use many other platforms. In today’s world, no email address creates several issues – particularly for business owners.

Insight Data

Alex Tremlett, Operations Manager at Insight Data, says: “Ultimately, email is still the business tool of choice, and this is why it’s so powerful.

“Every CEO, business leader, influencer, sales and marketing department will have an email address, and they’ll no doubt be checking them regularly on their mobile phone.

“There are so many different communication tools available for companies and their teams to use but email still holds the title for being the most popular method. As a cost-effective marketing tool, it’s definitely time to re-engage with email marketing.”

Accurate and reliable data

Although email marketing is a powerful tactic, its success comes from how reliable and accurate the data is.

Sending a campaign to an out-of-date or inaccurate email list will increase the number of bouncebacks and could even end up being blacklisted and flagged as spam.

To make sure that companies are reaching out to the most relevant people, Insight Data has actively researched over 4,800 senior decision-makers in 1,100 organisations. These include the UK’s leading main contractors, house builders, property developers and major property maintenance companies.

Alex adds: “Our construction database contains a wide range of market intelligence including over 4,500 email addresses, while our architect’s database has over 18,000 contacts and 20,000 email addresses across 9,000 records.

“With access to a range of versatile data like this, companies can be assured that they are reaching the most relevant prospects. This is because our dedicated research team works tirelessly to make sure users have both the email address and job title of every contact. This means they know exactly who is on the email campaign distribution list.

“Through Insight Data, companies can also narrow down their target audience by region, industry and name to create more targeted email campaigns which result in higher levels of engagement.”

Building your email marketing campaign

With an accurate list of prospects, the final step to creating a successful email marketing campaign is the design of the email and the software used.

Alex continues: “Email marketing is a science that is very easy to get wrong.

“You can encounter a number of problems without the right software which is why we have designed cutting-edge technology that can bypass any issues, arrive at the right destination and be viewed in the right format.”

Designed specifically for companies wanting to utilise the power of email marketing, Insight Data has built its own specialist email marketing platform. Known as STEM, the system combines the power of world-class email software which is compatible with Insight’s most advanced sales and marketing platform.

Alex says: “Our STEM users can instantly build, design, and send email campaigns to their ideal prospects. They also have access to the most up-to-date market intelligence which increases their chances of getting the best results.

“Plus, with full reporting capabilities, users can also track the number of email opens and click-throughs as well as analyse the success rate and data by device and location. With this information, they’ll be able to shape future campaigns, guaranteeing further success with every e-shot they send.”

Working with a company, like Insight Data, which has the facilities to launch a thriving email marketing campaign, suppliers to the construction industry can effectively and efficiently pinpoint their ideal prospects.

‘Unleash the full power’

Alex continues: “It’s time to unleash the full power that email marketing campaigns have.

“Combining this specific technique with other marketing tactics like press advertising, direct mail, social media and PR will maximise your business’ exposure and increase both leads and sales.”

Email marketing is a powerful, cost-effective marketing tool that can result in some quick wins and longer-term brand recognition.

To learn more about how Insight Data can support your email marketing strategy, visit

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