Keep energy bills lower and stay warm with Granada secondary glazing

  • 26 Oct 2021

With millions of households set to face higher gas and electricity bills in the coming months due to soaring energy prices, staying warm and conserving expensive heat in the home is going to be a key concern for many, explains Granada

Bills for those on standard tariffs with typical levels of energy use will rise by £139 to £1,277 a year. Prepayment meter customers will see a £153 increase, as a new higher energy price cap takes effect. This is according to recent press reports.

Due to the current crisis, trying to save money by switching to a cheaper deal is not an option. Therefore, it’s essential to address the thermal efficiency of our homes to prevent heat escaping and keep bills in check.




Installing quality secondary glazing is a cost-effective, unobtrusive and heat retention solution. This is especially the case for older, singled-glazed properties – that reduces utility bills. The discreet internal windows eliminate draughts and can reduce heat loss by as much as 65%.

Suitable for all types of properties, including historic and listed buildings, the heat retention capabilities of secondary glazing can dramatically improve insulation and contribute to a warmer, more comfortable and energy-efficient property. Homeowners will also benefit from a better Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating.

How does secondary glazing work?

A secondary glazing system comprises an internal window with either face-fixed or reveal-fixed on an existing primary external window. This extra ‘barrier’ creates a 10-20cm air gap which dramatically improves thermal performance, as well as reducing outside noise through better insulation.

To maximise energy efficiency, a low-E glass system features with a reflective coating to direct heat back into a room. This helps to conserve heat and reduce energy consumption, thereby saving on heating costs.

Added insulation from the pocket of trapped air between the secondary glazing and external window acts as an extra layer of defence against heat loss – similar to loft insulation under your roof. It’s all about keeping your home warmer, more comfortable and less expensive to heat.

What does secondary glazing look like?

Slimline aluminium frames support the glass and are virtually invisible upon installation. You can powder coat frames in over 200 RAL shades to blend in and match any existing interior décor.

Designed in various configurations to suit all types of primary windows, secondary glazing offers a flexible range of access solutions for cleaning, opening and ventilation – even arched and unusual shapes.

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