LE MONDIAL DU BÂTIMENT: An exclusive programme of talks

  • 13 Sep 2022

14 stages offered across the three shows – BATIMAT, IDÉOBAIN and INTERCLIMA. Around 1,000 speakers. More than 450 talks and events over four days. For its return to Porte de Versailles, LE MONDIAL DU BÂTIMENT is going big.

An exclusive programme of talks will provide all professionals and key players in the sector’s transitions with a 360° view of the key challenges, analysed and decoded by keynote speakers from a range of fields.

There will be brand new discussion formats to tackle the big issues at this session: Protecting the climate and the environment, Good city living in 2050, Improving ways of working, Championing the professions.

Guillaume Loizeaud, Director of LE MONDIAL DU BÂTIMENT, comments: “Construction professionals are staring down a formidable challenge. It will be their responsibility to enable France to make successful transitions, particularly when it comes to the decarbonisation of construction itself.

“Faced with this urgency and such immense responsibility, we wanted to upgrade the talks programme at Le Mondial du Bâtiment by bringing together all the sector’s key players, as well as a wide range of inspiring names from other industries.

“You could say this will be the ‘Davos’ of the construction sector. The talks programme for this next Le Mondial du Bâtiment will be bigger and better than ever, with a wider range of speakers and topics discussed. The topics will cover the entire spectrum of the sector’s challenges by placing them within a broader economic, political, environmental, societal and social responsibility context.”

The talks programme focuses on four major themes:

– Protecting the environment. We are reminded of the urgency of combating global warming every day. Warnings from experts, and the dramatic increase in the number of extreme weather events, compel us to take our responsibilities seriously. The entire construction value chain must be transformed to curb its environmental impact and preserve life.

 – Good city living in 2050. By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. What will cities and our lifestyles look like by then? Imagining the city of 2050 requires us to address the numerous challenges already facing city dwellers. 

 – Championing the professions. In the digital era, all construction and building professions are undergoing profound changes. New collaborative tools, data and artificial intelligence are sparking new skill-sets, and even new professions.


 – Improving ways of working. Guiding the sector’s ecological transition, its successful digitalisation, protecting the business model and improving productivity – the construction industry is under pressure. We must modernise our ways of working. This applies across the board: the organisation of work, production tools, management of teams, marketing and customer relations.


BATIMAT: a new vision of the sector’s challenges

Focused on these four guiding themes, the BATIMAT show will welcome a huge range of speakers. Philosophers, neuroscientists, teachers and, of course, key construction industry players, will decode major industry issues and discuss solutions for reimagining the construction of today and tomorrow. 

The talk formats have also been redesigned to offer different experiences for visitors, in response to their needs. Three new event formats will be unveiled: from scholarly talks to snappy pitches.


BATITALKS: A deep dive into the hot topics of the construction industry


New for 2022 will be two forums in the heart of Pavilions 1 and 6, both equipped with interpreting booths to relay content in two different languages (French/English), available as a replay after the show.

The forums will each host two talks per day, bringing together experts from a variety of backgrounds, to help better understand the changes taking place in construction and in society, to inspire and help invent solutions tailored to the specificities of the construction professions.

There will be four sessions each day, from 11 am to 12:30 pm, and from 2pm to 3:30 pm, combining six different formats: 

 – Panel. Conversations between experts
 – Fireside Chat. Exclusive interviews with the sector’s key players
 – Keynote. Inspirational talk slot by a big name speaker
 – Ask Me Anything. Q&A slot with questions from the audience
 – Talks. Three speakers talk for five minutes each on an innovative approach to a key issue
 – Debate. An exchange of views between professionals

In total, more than 90 speakers with as many different perspectives will be speaking at these sessions. Speakers include:

 – Bernard Anselem. Doctor, neuroscientist, author

 – Rémy Babut. Engineer, city planner, head of housing projects at Shift Project

 – Anne Démians. Architect

 – Mark Farmer. Consultant author of the report ‘The Farmer Review of the UK Construction Labour Model’

 – Cynthia Fleury. Philosopher, psychoanalyst, author

 – Jean-Marc Jancovici. Engineer, president of The Shift Project association

 – Carlos Moreno. Teacher, urban innovation specialist

 – Philippe Pelletier. President of Plan Bâtipent Durable

 – Jean-Paul Philippon. General secretary of the Académie d’architecture

 – Navi Radjou. Innovation and leadership adviser

 – Jean-Christophe Repon. President of Confédération de l’Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment (confederation of construction trades and small businesses, CAPEB)

 – Tamina Saheb. Senior energy policy analyst, Lead author at the IPCC

 – Carine Seiler. High commissioner for skills

 – Olivier Salleron. President of the Fédération française du bâtiment (French construction federation, FFB)

 – François Taddei. Researcher, founder of the Learning Planet Institute. 


EXPERTS’ CORNER: experts decode specific issues


The Experts’ Corner will offer more than 150 seminars and talks led by around 300 experts, with cutting-edge content covering solutions and innovations.

It can be found in MARKETPLACE 1 (Pavilion 1) and MARKETPLACE 2 (Pavilion 6), as well as in the Main Arena (Pavilion 1), the Off-Site Workshops, Low Carbon Construction, Photovoltaics, and in Espace 2000 (Pavilion 1).

The specialist master’s programme (Mastère Spécialisée®) in sustainable construction and real estate (IBD), energy and digital transitions at École des Ponts Paris Tech will organise its week of international talks at Batimat (Espace 2000, Pavilion 1).

The talks will be translated and in hybrid format. These sessions will be offered from 9 am to 6:30 pm and open to all professionals, with 27 slots and 27 international speakers. 

 – Monday 3 October: Low-carbon and sustainable architecture
Tuesday 4 October: Environmental policy
 – Wednesday 5 October: Low-carbon solutions and demonstrators
 – Thursday 6 October: Construction industry 


INNOVATION LAB: spotlight on innovations and technologies


Every day in the Innovation Awards Arena and in the Start-ups Arena, the Innovation Lab will feature presentations and demonstrations of innovations and technologies. Visitors will be able to watch around 200 pitches, each lasting 10 to 12 minutes, showcasing innovations and new technologies. The first start-ups participating will be Adroneex, Batisimply, Pubotim and Supervan.

Meanwhile, demos will be offered by several exhibitors in Pavilion 4, which is dedicated to construction site machinery and tools (see attached list of participants).

IDÉOBAIN: 15 talks focused on three themes 

Fifteen talks are already on the programme in the Living Bathrooms and Interiors Forum: 5 on technical expertise, 5 on training, and 5 aimed at architecture and interior design.

There are also some partner showcases being planned, including the interior designers’ action hub and the living space improvement club. And of course, the winners of the remarkable bathroom award will be celebrated, with a focus on remarkable bathrooms since 2017, and a special book being presented at the show. Innovations will also be showcased in Pitch format.

INTERCLIMA: This will particularly feature frontline experiences, training and how the energy mix is evolving

The INTERCLIMA show has devised a programme of talks co-constructed with the main professional bodies involved in energy efficiency and thermal comfort. There will be an opportunity to address all the sector’s hot topics at the show, with daily speaking slots.

The main themes at Interclima 2022 will be: renovating tertiary buildings, improving individual homes and apartment buildings, indoor air quality – a public health issue, management and productivity at the construction site, lessons learned from RE2020 since its entry into force, renewable energy and heat recovery.

Talks at the Interclima Forum

12 x 2-hour speaking slots have already been confirmed for the Interclima Forum, with 6 – 8 speakers per session. These sessions have been created in partnership with professional bodies representing project owners, including Union Sociale de l’Habitat (USH), Association des Ingénieurs Territoriaux de France (AITF) and Pôle Habitat de la FFB, and contractors and operating and maintenance companies, with Synasav. A special session on the technical shift from gas boilers to hydrogen and green gas is also planned.

Air quality: a key theme 

There will be an area dedicated entirely to air quality, with 56 talks slots and a workshop. Alongside UNICLIMA, the entire professional industry will be represented by the new Association française de la ventilation.


QAI Forum


This space is reserved exclusively for indoor air quality, with 20-minute talks combining exhibitor speaking slots and talks led by professional bodies (Uniclima, Cetiat, Association Française de la ventilation, Agence Qualité Construction, etc.). Participating brands to date: Airzone, Aldes, Atlantic, Daikin, France Air, Hitachi, LG, Sauerman, VMI, Zender


QAI workshop


This session, hosted by Uniclima in partnership with the Association Française de la ventilation, offers three serious games aimed at raising awareness among the different stakeholders (contractors, project owners, installers, operators and maintenance providers) about ventilation system quality.

The workshop will be co-hosted by Uniclima, the Association Française de la ventilation and several other partners including Cetiat, AQC etc.

Experience-sharing workshops

There will be a new talks format at the show in 2022. A project team comprising at least three people, at least one of whom must be an exhibitor, will discuss one or more technical solutions within a new, renovated, existing or future building. This is all about giving a voice to project owners, contractors, companies and manufacturers, while demonstrating total building performance (comfort, air quality, energy, environment).

Mornings are dedicated to renovation – particularly topical when France’s commercial building decree will just be coming into effect. Afternoons are dedicated to new builds under RE2020, and its impending commercial building section.

The 28 talks will last 45 minutes, held hourly. Each workshop includes a hospitality area to allow visitors to continue their discussions with the project team. Participating brands to date: Ariston, Atlantic, BWT, Daikin, Eurovent, Viessman, VMI, Zender, to name but a few.


In the Jobs and Recruitment area, there will be a steady programme of events to spark discussion and networking between students, recent entrants to the profession, seasoned professionals and training centres and institutions. 

In the morning, talks for professionals by training centres and schools will be organised to discuss major developments, for example the opening of the new Vitry eco-campus near Paris, the conversion of two-year thermal engineering diplomas (DUTs) into a three-year bachelor’s degree, or the growth in work/study programmes.

Into the afternoon, job speed dating will be organised between young people from the Paris Region and HR managers from INTERCLIMA exhibitors, representatives from professional bodies and visitors that are currently recruiting.


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Reed Expositions France
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Tel 0208 216 3109

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