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Maximising the potential of the public realm with Pop Up Power Supplies

  • 28 Feb 2020

Easy and safe access to power and water supplies in public outdoor spaces is crucial for local authorities, explains Pop Up Power Supplies.

This is because there is the capacity to broaden the scope for footfall-driving markets, festivals and other events, which are crucial to the long term future of town and city centres.

Research regularly supports the notion that more people visit town and city centres when there is a public attraction or event to attend.

In 2015, research by Manchester Metropolitan University concluded market days increase town centre footfall by 25%, as well as providing softer benefits such as social interaction, defining identity and occupying underused spaces. 

And in 2017, an events programme in Wrexham was said to have increased town centre footfall by 6% in just three months, reversing the trend of decline caused by a shrinking retail sector.

Increased safety in public places

Giving public spaces such as parks, gardens, market squares and plazas the ability to safely and easily host a wide range of events requires ‘on demand’ services, chiefly electricity and sometimes water.

Whilst this can be achieved with generators, the safest and most reliable approach is to install fully retractable power units from Pop Up Power Supplies®. 

Designed on the principle of being ‘there when you need them and hidden when you don’t’, the Pop Up Power Units are raised out of the ground with a simple turning handle.

After use, they are simply lowered back into the ground. In-Ground Units are accessed by a lift up lid, meaning they can be used with the lid in the closed position.

Both designs help to minimise the risk of the power units being misused or vandalised when not in use, and they can also be utilised by maintenance personnel for routine cleaning and operations. 

Range of power units for total flexibility

The units from Pop Up Power Supplies® give local councils and town centre managers the reassurance that any type of event requiring a dependable power source can be hosted, which affords the creative freedom to develop a comprehensive events programme throughout the year that could result in a valuable and returning stream of visitors, capitalising on the summer season and significant times of the year, such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. 

The power unit lids are also recessed to accommodate any infill surface material, whether it is stone, paving or grass. When retracted, this ensures units blend seamlessly with the local environment, upholding the appearance of town urban landscapes.

Safety is assured with pop up and In-Ground Units. Traditional outdoor power supplies, such as power generators, are hazardous in their operation, and trip hazards come through long lengths of trailing power cables.

Generators take up space too and allow members of the public to get too close to what is a potential electrocution hazard.

With In-Ground or Pop Up units from Pop Up Power Supplies®, safety is optimised, as the power source is discreet to minimise the potential for accidental contact.

The cables connecting into the units are typically short and can be placed near the power units – these are covered with ease by cable protectors.

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