New Drinking Water Approval for REHAU’s RAUTITAN

  • 5 Aug 2022

All products connected to the UK water supply must comply with Regulation 4 of the Water Supply Regulations. Until recently, the most common method of demonstrating compliance was to hold a WRAS approval, but more recently, KIWA and NSF are also offering independent certification for Regulation 4 compliance. REHAU‘s RAUTITAN stabil in sizes 16 to 63, RAUTITAN flex in pipe sizes 12 to 63, and the RAUTITAN Smart Link manifold system are now certified by KIWA under its KUKreg4 scheme. The pipe systems are certified to Level +1 with annual surveillance via regular testing and factory audits.

Franz Huelle, Head of Technical at REHAU Building Solutions, says: “We have long championed RAUTITAN as the number one choice for drinking water, with over 800,000,000 metres of pipe sold to date. In securing KUKreg4 approval, we have taken this one step further and re-affirmed the pipework’s position as a trusted solution.

“This level of assurance allows RAUTITAN to be a true fit-and-forget solution, meaning that contractors can safely specify it for projects without having to worry about hygiene or drinking water quality becoming an issue later down the line.”


RAUTITAN’s smooth surfaces prevent deposits from building up in the pipe, eliminating the risk of microbial contamination from bacteria such as Legionella, with the pipework certified germ-free by the Fraunhofer Institute. The solution’s RX+ fittings are also composed of corrosion-resistant gunmetal rather than lead, negating the risk of leaching.

Designing Healthy

The importance of safe drinking water provision was recently highlighted in REHAU’s Designing Healthy series of guides, spanning apartments, hotels, educational facilities and health estates. A survey conducted by the company indicates that copper and steel pipework remain more popular than MLCP for the supply of drinking water despite being more prone to microbial contamination.

Here, REHAU believes that the role of independent-assessed certifications such as KUKreg4 will be key to identifying effective alternatives outside of metal solutions and contributing to more healthy building design.

Franz concludes: “RAUTITAN has long been equipped with a host of features that make it a premier choice for drinking water specification. The reliable jointing system and requirement for no O-rings allows for simple visual inspection when installing, and the MLCP makeup is proven to be more hygienic than cooper or steel alternatives.

“Acquiring KUKreg4 approval confirms that it is truly the best choice for the provision of drinking water, and the healthiest design choice for new buildings regardless of their function.”

For more information on RAUTITAN, click here.


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