Newton Expands the HydroBond Waterproofing System

  • 18 Nov 2021

Newton Waterproofing, the UK’s leading independent designers and suppliers of guaranteed waterproofing systems, has expanded its range of HydroBond products to offer an even wider range of waterproofing solution to its nationwide customer base.

Defined as ‘Type A’ barrier waterproofing by the British Standard for Waterproofing, BS 8102:2009, the Newton HydroBond System is a group of high-performance barrier waterproofing membranes, either liquid-applied or sheet, that are designed to be applied to the outside of the structure.

Newton Waterproofing CPD

Self-Adhesive Membranes

New to the range is HydroBond SA, a high-performance self-adhesive membrane for the external waterproofing of below-ground structures, which achieves a sufficient bond in temperatures as low as 5°C and delivers exceptional crack-bridging qualities.

The Type A membrane is also resistant to ground water chemicals as per EN 1847 Method A, is tough and durable, quick and easy to install, and is dimensionally stable and flexible for easy detailing.

Also available is HydroBond SAGM, a gas proofing variant of the self-adhesive membrane that has an aluminium core for gas protection, whilst still providing excellent waterproofing protection.

Ancillary products for both membranes include:

 – HydroBond SA Primer LT, a bitumen primer that is quick and easy to apply, even at low temperature
 – HydroBond SA Reinforcing Strip and HydroBond SAGM Detail Strip. Compatible with the corresponding namesake membranes, these strips are designed to reinforce the potential weak points at wall-to-foundation joints.

Liquid-Applied Bitumen

The expanded product range also includes HydroBond 2K-Flex, a radon gas certified, bitumen waterproofing membrane that forms a thick and highly flexible fully bonded barrier to water ingress, and which can also fill voids, cracks, and joints in your structure.

The HydroBond 2K-Flex is supported by two ancillary products:

 – HydroBond 2K-Flex Primer, a fast-drying primer and bonding agent that is applied to the substrate prior to the membrane.
 – HydroBond 2K-Flex Mesh, a reinforcing mesh made from woven fibreglass and coated in latex to prevent the alkaline in cement from degrading the fibres.

An Extensive Range

These new additions join Newton’s already extensive range of HydroBond products, including:

 – Self-healing pre-applied external waterproofing membrane HydroBond 403 Plus, and the gas variant HydroBond 403 Plus GB which provides a fully bonded barrier against radon, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons.  
 – HydroBond 402 CCS-M, a pre-applied fully bonded waterproofing and radon protection sheet membrane with excellent crack-bridging capabilities at places where cracks occur in concrete.
 – HydroBond 109-LM, a liquid-applied and radon-certified seamless rubber membrane.

Other ancillary products include HydroBond 410 GeoDrain and HydroBond Protection Board, both of which are designed to protect the waterproofing during the back-filling process. Furthermore, the adhesive HydroBond Tape can be used for jointing Newton’s three pre-applied membranes.

Complete Waterproofing Systems

Either pre-applied below the concrete slab and to permanent raft and wall formwork, or post-applied when the outside of the basement wall is temporarily exposed, the HydroBond System is designed to provide a complete and continuous external waterproof barrier for below-ground structures.

Once installed, depending on the type of structure and the products employed, the HydroBond System can provide protection against both groundwater and ground gasses, making it the ideal solution when protection against radon, methane, and/or carbon dioxide is also required.

For more robust waterproofing protection, Newton recommend combining two or more Types of waterproofing, as per the British Standard. The HydroBond System can therefore be combined with the ‘Type B’ Newton HydroTank System, and/or the ‘Type C’ Newton CDM System, to achieve the required internal environment, where the consequences of failure are unacceptable.

Reliable Supply

Newton Waterproofing’s MD Warren Muschialli comments: “There are many reasons why main contractors, specifiers and architects should choose us for their waterproofing needs, and one of those reasons is that we’re constantly adding to our already extensive product portfolio.

“With the new additions to our HydroBond System range, we can ensure that all our customers have access to the latest in UK waterproofing, helping them to meet and exceed their clients’ needs.

“If you’re looking for a leading, reliable supplier for your next waterproofing project, give Newton a call today – we’d love to help.”

To read about a case study whereby Newton waterproofed the multi-level basement of a luxury London hotel, click here.

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