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Newton Waterproofing: Your Leading Experts in High-Profile Commercial Waterproofing Projects

  • 6 Dec 2023

When it comes to high-profile commercial waterproofing projects, Newton Waterproofing, the UK’s leading designers and suppliers of guaranteed waterproofing systems, is the renowned choice. 

Whether it involves a new construction endeavour or an existing structure, Newton offers tailored solutions for commercial projects of any scale. 

Its waterproofing systems are well-suited to meet the specific requirements of commercial projects, successfully being employed in prestigious properties including, amongst many others, the Grade I listed Cambridge House Luxury Hotel in London, an exclusive new-build residents’ club in Earls Court, and the Hotel Football hospitality project in Manchester.

Waterproofing the Cambridge House Luxury Hotel, London

Newton was proud to contribute to the transformation of the unique, Grade I listed Cambridge House in Piccadilly as it underwent conversion into one of London’s grandest hotels. 

The 18,000 square metre scheme included six adjacent Grade II listed residences, with a four-level basement to accommodate a spa as well as the back-of-house and servicing areas.

In order to deliver a reliable, watertight solution for this project, Newton worked closely with architects PDP London and leading enabling works contractor Deconstruct UK throughout the design and installation.

Newton Waterproofing

There were three main buildings where extensive excavations took place, requiring different waterproofing solutions to cater for the new-build basement areas and existing elements – all up to four storeys below ground.

Buildings 1 and 3 both benefitted from the full Newton CDM System cavity drain membrane waterproofing to capture, depressurise and remove any ingressing ground water via a series of Trojan-Pro pump systems.

Building 2 utilised numerous products across new/existing structures, including external waterproofing membrane HydroBond 403 Plus, HydroTank 315 Waterbar for construction joint waterproofing to the new concrete attenuation tank, and an internal coating of the high-performance liquid waterproofing membrane HydroCoat 103 2K.

The same cavity drain and external waterproofing products were also used alongside the flexible liquid waterproofing membrane HydroCoat 107 Elastic 2K, and flexible construction joint system FlexProof 106 in areas where the existing brick structure interfaced with a new concrete slab. Finally, Titan-Pro pump systems were installed to remove the captured water.

Waterproofing an Exclusive New-Build Residents’ Club, London

Located in Earls Court, the Lillie Square development comprises of over 800 multimillion-pound luxury dwellings. 

The development also contains London’s largest private residents’ club, boasting a lounge, library, private dining room, cinema, gym, spa facilities and 20 metre swimming pool with jacuzzi.

Phase 1 of the project required the formation of a watertight basement to house the luxury residents club, which serves the entire development. As the clubhouse’s swimming pool, spa, sauna, steam room, gym and function room are all below ground, it required a robust waterproofing system to protect the internal environment.

Newton Specialist Contractor Stonehouse was consulted at an early stage to be part of the design team and provide a guaranteed waterproofing solution that would comply with the requirements of both the British Standard for Waterproofing (BS 8102) and any third-party warranty providers.

Newton Waterproofing

In order to provide the maximum level of protection, Stonehouse combined two Types of waterproofing to deliver a completely dry internal environment, as per the recommendations of the British Standard.

The first of these products was the Type A, cementitious, flexible and liquid-applied waterproofing membrane HydroCoat 107 Elastic 2K, which was particularly suited to this large-scale project due to the fact that it could be quickly spray-applied over large areas.

The Type A membrane was supported by the Newton CDM System, a ‘Type C’ cavity drain waterproofing solution, installed throughout the basement area of the clubhouse. Supported by four Titan-Pro pumping systems, as well as an enhanced telemetry and battery backup solution, Stonehouse created a truly failsafe system to protect the Lillie Square development.

Waterproofing the Hotel Football in Manchester 

The Hotel Football (pictured at the head of the article) is an innovative hotel concept on the doorstep of Old Trafford football stadium. The 135-bed, 10-storey hotel has capacity for around 1,500 fans on match days, houses a supporters’ club, and features a five-a-side pitch on the roof.

Newton Specialist Basement Contractor Trace Basements were appointed from the design stage to waterproof the new-build project, and elected to use the tried and tested Newton CDM System Type C waterproofing solution internally.

However, waterproofing the new hotel was a highly complex project. Due to the sloping site, the slab was at 4 levels with steps, and the retaining wall comprised of piles, capping beams, multi-level slabs, upstands, and blockwork off either slab or upstand. The upstands were all kickerless, meaning that there was also multiple construction joints and pipe penetrations that required sealing against water.

Trace utilised the HydroCoat 203-RM rapid-setting mortar as a construction joint fillet at changes of direction, and the flexible liquid waterproofing membrane HydroCoat 107 2K to create a continuous barrier from the underside of the cavity tray to down past the capping beam/slab construction joint. 

Newton HydroCoat 104 Super was also applied as a crystalline waterproof coating to the concrete structure to provide primary resistance against the penetration of water.

Due to the complexity of the waterproofing project, numerous other products were also used in different areas, depending on the application scenario. This included HydroTank 306 Swell Mastic and HydroTank 315 Waterbar in the construction joints, HydroBond 403 Plus as an external membrane below-ground, and the Flexproof 106 System to seal vertical gaps between below cavity tray blockwork and structural columns.

The Leading Experts in Waterproofing Solutions 

Warren Muschialli, Newton Waterproofing Managing Director, comments: “The Newton team has proven time and again that we are the leading experts in waterproofing solutions for high-profile commercial projects.

“Our extensive range of products and expertise make us the go-to company for both commercial and domestic properties across the UK, and with our ability to meet the complexity of commercial project requirements, we have successfully delivered many effective waterproofing solutions.”


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