Offsite solutions to construction capacity growth demands for new-build homes

  • 24 Nov 2014

Political parties agree overwhelmingly that there is a need for more housing, with the shortfall against what is required each year continuing to grow. Steve Hardy from offsite fenestration specialists Sidey Limited explains how offsite solutions can significantly enhance construction capacity growth.

“There is little argument these days that the labour and skills shortages projected by some in the industry for a long time have become a reality; there are also significant and not wholly unexpected materials shortages to contend with, and these are extremely serious; a real threat to building programmes.

There is more than one house builder concerned about the problems of procuring materials to meet  existing housing needs let alone additional ones, and the fact is that rather than increasing capacity, the sector could in fact go backwards at a time when it can least afford it.

It is why we, as a part of the offsite industry, believe that offsite has such a pivotal role to play in the future of construction.  The key fundamental problems facing a construction industry wanting to carry on building traditionally at a time of shortage and increasing demand are clearly dealt with by building offsite. 

Skills shortages are eradicated; building with timber or steel framed construction can reduce the impact of materials shortages meaning that structures can be wind and watertight sooner, and follow on trades can get started sooner thus not compromising programmes; and building this way delivers better social benefits as well as cost savings through reduced on site construction times”.


Sidey patented KitFix offsite system

KitFix patented offsite system from Sidey

Sidey patented offsite system, KitFix®, enables windows and doors to be factory fitted into timber-frame and structurally insulated panel systems and offers a key component for offsite construction. 

Building offsite using offsite solutions such as KitFix offers many advantages:

  • faster delivery to enable people to be housed more quickly
  • vastly enhanced quality control
  • significantly improved ‘as-built’ performance
  • genuine thermal efficiency which will deliver reduced running costs for occupiers
  • fewer delays
  • onsite health and safety benefits

Download the Sidey KitFix® System Brochure or play the video.





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