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POP UP POWER: Jubilee celebrations show right royal appetite for outdoor events

  • 30 Jun 2022

The success of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend provides us with a powerful insight into how much the public enjoy outdoor events.

An estimated 16,000 organised street parties, plus hundreds of thousands of small scale neighbourhood and community events, took place over the four-day long weekend as Brits seized the opportunity to celebrate the monarch as well as socialise with the friends, family and neighbours.

In addition to reflecting the public’s appetite to mark this historic royal occasion, having so many events over four days provided a clear indicator to the appeal of outdoor events. For millions of people, an opportunity to attend an event held outdoors in June, when the UK weather is generally good, was clearly something they did not want to miss.

So what does this tell us about the outdoor events market and potential for the future? Pop Up Power Supplies looks at this…

Major outdoor events have become commonplace in the UK, particularly over the past two decades. This is evident in the rise the number of large and small music festivals, farmers’ markets and other organised events we see. But seeing so many people enjoying the great outdoors over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations could highlight great untapped potential.

For anyone who owns a site that is suitable to hold events such as parties, gigs, traditional markets and food festivals, there is clearly a business opportunity. There could be scope to use a site several times a month or even every week throughout the spring, summer and autumn months, and even during winter, especially if It has a power infrastructure in place.

Pop Up Power Supplies

Power connectivity

Power connectivity is key to the versatility of a site. Lighting, AV and PA systems, digital signage, till points, heaters… all require a reliable power supply which does not compromise safety for event organisers, staff and attendees.

Power can be provided through permanently installed power distribution units that are available to use on-demand, which make it easy to set-up, operate and take-down events of all kinds. There is no need to hire temporary generators and the power units available from Pop Up Power Supplies® are designed to be safe and secure.

Three outdoor power unit options are available from Pop Up Power Supplies®, which are made to order and configured to the requirements of a site and its intended use.

The retractable, pop-up power unit is submerged in the ground and raised only when it is required. After use, it is simply lowered back down and hidden away until it is next needed.

An in-ground unit is also permanently submerged and accessed via a lockable flip-lid. It can be used with the ‘locked down’ making it safe for continuous unattended use.

Finally, a power bollard is a power distribution unit that is an elegantly designed piece of street furniture. It is permanently installed, providing access to power sockets as required behind a lockable cover.

To find out more about the range of power distribution units available from Pop Up Power Supplies® visit www.popuppower.co.uk

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