POP UP POWER: Powering up more sustainable, healthier outdoor public spaces

  • 19 Aug 2022

Many of the UK’s town and city centres are being redefined to ensure they fit more closely with today’s urban lifestyles and the expectations of tourists. Pop Up Power Supplies has more…

The changing retail landscape, driven by the growth of online shopping, more people working from home and an increasing number of people choosing to live in city centres, means that previous models for the design of streetscapes, public parks, plazas and other pedestrianised spaces are needing to undergo significant change.

Pop Up Power Supplies

But it is not just reaction to social change that is at the heart of redesigns – sustainability and a growing movement to capitalise on the health benefits of being outdoors, in whatever form that takes, are also part of this fresh thinking to redesign our public spaces.

There is extensive evidence to show that providing safe, secure and attractive outdoor spaces is important to help people be more active and maintain and extend social interaction to benefit their mental health.

Flood prevention and ensuring that water is managed efficiently in urban areas is becoming increasingly important due to climate change. Hence, SuDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) are being integrated and there is an increased use of planters in spaces that were previously dominated by tarmac, pavers and concrete, encouraging biodiversity in the process. 

But there is also another important consideration in making these new outdoor public spaces as popular and versatile as possible to maximise their potential  – access to on-demand power sockets.

Events can play a big role in increasing the use of outdoor spaces and attracting local people as well as tourists. Food and drink fairs, children’s fun days, market stalls, music gigs and light shows – events such as these can be a major draw and help strengthen local communities and they are easier to stage (even at relatively short notice) when easy access to power sockets is provided.

How Pop Up Power Supplies can help?

This is why a power infrastructure is a must for any redevelopment scheme or new development, and Pop Up Power Supplies® can help through a range of pop-up, in-ground and bollard power units.

By incorporating a power access where there is an opportunity for events at all times of the year, there is no need to hire generators, which can be expensive and may not fit with the local sustainability agenda. 

The pop up (retractable) and in-ground power distribution units are permanently submerged in the ground, discreetly installed with a lid that matches surrounding surfaces so they are barely noticeable when not it use.

When a power connection is needed, such as to provide electricity to a street food kiosk, the lid can be unlocked by an authorised user to allow power leads to connected. 

The pop up unit is raised up using a turning handle, whereas the in-ground unit stays below the surface, accessed via a flip lid. As soon as vendors finish serving, or when events are over, the power leads can be simply disconnected and the power unit can be securely locked again to prevent unauthorised access and vandalism.

The third option from Pop Up Power Supplies® is the power bollard. This elegantly designed bollard will integrate with other street furniture as part of an attractive streetscape, whilst providing the benefit of access to electricity when required through its sockets behind a locked cover.

To find out more visit www.popuppower.co.uk.


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