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Preventing high street panic with Abloy UK

  • 19 Dec 2018

Security expert Abloy UK is highlighting the importance of access control systems that offer dynamic lockdown, especially in the lead up to Christmas.

This comes as recent reports emerge of retail stores being advised by counter-terror police, launching the Protect and Prepare campaign, to develop emergency contingency plans that recommend a ’60 second’ security checklist to avoid panic during reports of terror attacks.

High street shops nationwide hit their busiest period during Christmas; with inevitable large numbers of people around, counter-terror police are giving stores a security checklist to prevent widespread panic in terror or emergency situations.

To improve reaction times and make sure evacuations can take place as smoothly as possible, staff should know who is in charge of emergency plans, when it is appropriate to evacuate a store, when to order a lockdown, and the best places to hide in the event of an attack.

Abloy UK

An effective way for retailers to be prepared for such a threat is with Dynamic Lockdown, which is the ability to provide for basic life safety should an eventuality such as a terror attack or other unforeseen threats occur.

It offers the capability to compartmentalise buildings and sites by controlling the flow of people by preventing access to unauthorised intruders, providing real physical security from the secure side of the door, while also allowing exit and escape where required.

This can be massively important in protecting members of the public by preventing access for threats to enter a building but, at the same time, allowing them to leave the building if necessary.

With this in mind, Abloy UK has developed solutions that can provide for Dynamic Lockdown for a wide range of applications. For the retail sector specifically, Abloy systems are available to secure doors between public and non-public areas and exits from main staff areas. Products include Abloy’s range of compliant electric locks and the Escape Door System (EDS).

Electric locks – such as the Abloy EL560 solenoid lock and EL520 motorised lock – work by controlling either the latch or the handle, or by motorising the bolt back once a proximity card is presented or a request to exit device is used.

Abloy UK

This ensures that only authorised personnel are able to gain access to the building, and the system will prevent any unauthorised persons from entering.

What’s more, the EDS offers blocking with a fail-unlocked locking element that needs no mechanical input to operate, and intelligent control that allows connection to fire alarm systems or other building control systems to ensure escape in an emergency.

The Trigger unit incorporates a key-switch and a push button that tells the controller to release the locking mechanism to allow safe escape.

Pat Jefferies, Commercial Director at Abloy UK, commented: “This is a superb initiative by counter-terror police as it will make retailers more proactive and able to respond faster to potentially life-threatening events.

“Egress from a building can be a matter of life and death, so here at Abloy we continuously promote the importance of emergency escape systems with free training on standards and compliance via our Academy.”


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