Radiator trends for 2017

  • 3 Feb 2017

In hotels, restaurants, homes and office spaces, designer radiators are as much a part of the overall interior design as the furniture and flooring. Dave Thornback, UK sales manager for Vasco, discusses the trends we are likely to see in 2017 in the latest issue of ABC&D magazine…

Whether a radiator stands out in a contrasting shade, picks out an accent colour or blends into the wall, it should always lift the overall interior design and never be ordinary.

Cutting-edge designer radiator manufacturers offer myriad colours, textures, shapes and finishes that fit current and evolving interior trends. In 2017, in terms of colour,

we could see the growing popularity of radiators in petrol blue, rust brown, beige and deep spicy red and a continuation of the current trend for metallic finishes. In terms of design and shape, I think we could be seeing soft curved edges, super-efficient ultra-thin designs, textured finishes and more highly-efficient aluminium options.

The UK radiator market offers a wide choice for the architect, builder or designer but quality, design and innovation are the key and, if you specify a product that not only looks good but is reliable and will last the test of time, then you cannot go far wrong.

ABC&D magazine radiators

Industrial style interiors

This interior trend has been seen in restaurants, apartments and hotels for a number of years but its pared-back, contemporary style continues to be developed.

Inspired by factories, warehouses, churches and industrial buildings, this interior style is characterised by stripped back surfaces, bare brick, concrete, rough weathered wood surfaces, salvaged objects and exposed iron pipework or beams.

Industrial colours are natural in a mixture of strong and muted shades which can be carried over to the radiators. The radiators in these large industrial-style interiors need to be solid and robust in design so they do not get lost in what is generally an open plan space with high ceilings. A radiator in shades of matt white, grey, brown or blue will complement the rough unfinished surfaces of an industrial style interior.

"whether a radiator stands out in a contrasting shade, picks out an accent colour or blends into the wall, it should always lift the overall interior design and never be ordinary" Dave Thornback, Vasco

“whether a radiator stands out in a contrasting shade, picks out an accent colour or blends into the wall, it should always lift the overall interior design and never be ordinary” Dave Thornback, Vasco


Metallics in interiors

Metallic finishes are being seen in interior design in many guises from pendant lamps to wallpaper and, of course, radiators. 

The trend for metals going through to 2017 will be subtle rather than showy, with matt finishes continuing to be popular in shades of nickel, silver, brass and bronze. These polished metallic and cool bare metal finishes not only complement contemporary interiors, but they also sit well with the white walls and soft woods of Scandinavian- inspired spaces.

Minimalist design in 2017

Minimalism continues to have strong influences in today’s modern architecture and interiors. Minimalism has given
us the ultra-modern space with simplistic essential design, carefully placed furniture and sleek lines that concentrate
on form and function. It is a case of less being most definitely more, but that does not mean that layers of colour and texture cannot be introduced.

Radiator trends for contemporary spaces in 2017 could see things change from radiators that match the wall colour to going one shade lighter or darker than the wall to add depth and harmony to a minimalist colour scheme and possibly a little softness.

Radiator design for contemporary interiors will continue to get sleeker and slimmer for 2017 with incredibly thin aluminium sheet radiator designs coming through. These not only offer a stunning piece of minimalist art for the wall in a range of colours and finishes, but aluminium radiators are becoming more popular because the heat transfer is far greater than steel, they save energy and water plus some are manufactured from recycled aluminium and, after 20 or 30 years, the radiator can be recycled.

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Lines and shapes for 2017

A trend that we will see more of in 2017 is vertical designer radiators. Placing a radiator vertically comes with the simple, practical benefit of saving wall space compared to a horizontal radiator, allowing for extra furniture which can be extremely useful for a hotel room or restaurant and creating useful space in a bathroom. Also, we must not overlook the fact that vertical designer radiators come with major aesthetic advantages because they create the illusion of space, a higher ceiling and an overall less cluttered look.

Colours for 2017

Interiors colours are confident, favouring bold shades of ocean blue, mineral grey and spicy red. For those of us a little less colour-confident, the trend seems to be shifting towards soft blue-green, earthy green and taupe and light pastels in aqua, pink, yellow and grey.

All these colours are available for radiators, so you can add a touch of strong colour in a large space such as a reception area, open-plan kitchen or hallway, or choose a subtle shade to tone with your interior for a softer feel. Favourite finishes are matt and metallic.

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