REHAU ushers in Shroud Revolution with Clip-Flex

  • 8 Jun 2023

Polymer pipework manufacturer REHAU unveils Clip-Flex, a next-generation district heating shroud designed to offer unrivalled flexibility to installers and contractors.

The shroud was officially unveiled at REHAU’s recent district heating workshop in central London, where delegates were able to gain a hands-on look at the new technology. Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing & Technical at REHAU Building Solutions, was also at hand to breakdown the benefits of the shroud in his talk on innovation in district heating shrouds & industry training.

With up to 22.5° range of motion in all directions, the shroud allows pipework to be angled as per the demands of the project, allowing contractors far greater flexibility on site.


‘A key part’

Steve comments: “Shrouds are a key part of any district heating network, influencing installation time and ease. Your pre-insulated pipe and joints are only as good as the shrouds that cover them, so it was important for us to create a solution that gave the highest level of both flexibility and reliability.

“We have spoken to countless designers and contractors in the development of Clip-Flex, and have taken their priorities into consideration. Through ongoing collaboration with industry professionals working in the field of district heating, we have been able to create a shroud that facilitates easier installation, optimises heat network performance, and also has the potential to deliver cost savings in materials.”

The shroud’s larger diameter makes it compatible with all REHAU PE-Xa district heating pipes from 25mm to 160mm, meaning it now covers all RAUVITHERM and RAUTHERMEX sizes.

Clip-Flex also features up to 20% more interior space, allowing a much wider range of tees to be used, including REHAU’s own FUSAPEX and modular tees. Using FUSAPEX can offer cost savings and improved lead times by using standard shrouds and fittings instead of custom pre-insulated tees, significantly reducing the total number of shrouds needed on a project.

Steve concludes: “We view the development of Clip-Flex as a true landmark moment for polymer district heating pipework. The innovative shroud has the potential to revolutionise the way polymer district heating pipes can be installed, so we look forward to bringing it to UK market.”

For more information on Clip-Flex, click the link.


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