gilberts mistrale fusion

Revolutionising energy-efficient ventilation

  • 12 Oct 2015

Gilberts of Blackpool has launched the Mistrale Fusion (MFS) Terminal, with the aim of revolutionising energy-efficient ventilation in non-domestic buildings.

MFS delivers optimum internal air control for less than £5-a-room per annum. The initial single-sided through-structure unit provides a one box, stand-solution, requiring no additional ductwork or plant.

Installed through the external façade or window, Mistrale MFS mixes internal and external air to ventilate the internal space.

The Mistrale MFS features a mixing damper within which modulates airflow to allow for new, fresh air to mix with the warm exhaust air, thus extracting its heat without the need for an exchanger.

The integrated low energy fan energises to blend the internal air, ensuring an even distribution airflow. This allows for control over temperature and CO2 levels – maintaining a comfortable internal environment for occupants.

Efficient ventilation

A standard classroom built to accommodate 32 people can be ventilated with 2 Mistrale MFS128 single-sided units, achieving the 8 litres a second per person fresh air required by current Department of Education Building Bulletin (BB101) and PBSP guidelines.

Each ventilation unit also achieves relevant acoustic considerations: its operational noise is less than 30bdA, and it has been engineered to absorb external noise to keep within the classroom criteria required by BB93.

Mistrale MFS attains air leakage above the legislative requirements of Building Regulations Approved Document L – 5m3/HR/m2, and a U value of 1W/m2/°C.

Additionally, its bespoke louvre system delivers efficient weather performance.


Gilberts of Blackpool,
Gilair Works,
Clifton Road,
FY4 40T

Phone: 01253 766911
Fax: 01253 767941

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