Safeguard Europe Drybase

Safeguard Drybase prevents lime leaching in Type C waterproofing systems

  • 20 Jun 2023

When it seeps out of concrete surfaces in basements, free lime can obstruct and clog sump pump systems. The Safeguard Europe Drybase Lime Inhibitor concentrate prevents lime leaching and maintains breathability on fresh concrete in Type C cavity drainage waterproofing systems. 

Drybase Lime Inhibitor inhibits Calcium Hydroxide (also known as free lime) leaching from new concrete surfaces, as required by BS 8102: Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water Ingress. It’s suitable for new build below-ground structures with cavity drainage systems, ensuring their longevity and minimising the need for repairs.

Safeguard Europe Drybase

It is ideal for any project that requires new concrete as part of a Type C Waterproofing System, such as…

 – car parks
 – underground storage areas
 – cellar/basement conversions
 – Any other Type C project

By doing so, it keeps the free lime locked in while still allowing the concrete to breathe on alkali substrates.

Ease of application and safety were paramount during the development of Drybase Lime Inhibitor Concentrate. Its water-based formula is non-hazardous and user-friendly. Simply mix one part concentrate with nine parts water and Drybase Lime Inhibitor concentrate is easily applicable to new concrete surfaces using a brush, roller, or spray. Two coats of Drybase Lime Inhibitor locks in free lime and safeguards basement waterproofing systems from lime leaching.

Safeguard Europe Drybase

Drybase Lime Inhibitor’s efficacy

The product’s efficacy has been scientifically tested and proven. R&D trials on a 3:1 sand-to-cement mortar block demonstrated its ability to significantly reduce the release of free lime.

Drybase Lime Inhibitor is compatible with all fresh alkali concrete substrates to ensure compatibility with most new Type C cavity drainage waterproofing systems.

Drybase Lime Inhibitor also allows vapour to pass through, maintaining a breathable surface in basements, cellars, and other underground structures. The continued passage of water vapour facilitates the drying of basement walls to maintain optimal conditions – especially important for structures used as dwellings.

Drybase Lime Inhibitor is fully compatible with the Drybase Tanking Range and The Sentry Sump System. Together they provide a comprehensive basement waterproofing solution. It can be used in conjunction with Drybase Universal Mortar, Drybase Tanking Slurry, and EL2 Tanking Slurry – ensuring vapour permeability while keeping lime locked in. Each 500ml bottle is easy to transport and covers 25 square metres of fresh concrete. Drybase Lime Inhibitor is essential as part of an underground waterproofing specification that adheres to BS 8102.

Drybase Lime Inhibitor is in stock now for fast delivery. Get in touch at 01403 210204 or send an email at [email protected] for info, advice and trade pricing.


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