Scafftag’s clever way to save lives with faster equipment inspections

  • 11 Apr 2023

Diligent inspection planning, thorough equipment inspections and clear inspection reports and histories can save lives, avoid suffering and major costs in a lot of industries. Planning, inspecting and reporting can be streamlined, customised and largely automated in Scafftag’s SafeTrak app, which saves on time.

Too many workplace accidents still stem from using equipment that is not fit for use. These accidents can have grave consequences. Imagine a scaffold collapsing: co-workers and passers-by might suffer a serious injury, with a colossal impact for themselves, their families and your business.

Think about what happens when your fire extinguishers do nothing when they should, when valves suddenly break down, or when the reverse warning indicator on a forklift does not work.

Safetrak inspection software makes time consuming paper-based equipment inspections a lot faster. Safetrak inspection software is used for planning, managing and reporting for workplace safety inspections. Plug-in software modules are available for managing specific equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, etc. They contain the necessary inspection checks as determined by legislation and industry practices.


SafeTrak can keep track of a wide range of equipment such as personal protection equipment, drills, hammers, screwdrivers, scaffolding, ladders, label printers or lockout bags. With SafeTrak, every tool is easily checkable, in or out, as long as it has a serial number, barcode or RFID label.

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Automated reporting

Predefined inspection templates are creatable in SafeTrak to standardise and digitalise a variety of inspection reports. The web application can generate automated high level reports by extracting data from the inspection templates at regular intervals or on demand. With just a few clicks, inspection reports containing the most recent and complete data will always available via SafeTrak.

SafeTrak Mobile

The SafeTrak Mobile App can easily be accessed in the field on any smartphone. Internet access is not required. Enter an equipment serial number to access a predefined inspection template and equipment location information, or scan the equipment’s barcode. Log out after an inspection and the app will automatically upload data for immediate reporting once internet connection is restored.


Summary of your benefits when using SafeTrak

Safetrak is a digital system that supports businesses with inspection planning, equipment inspections and inspection reporting to maximise safety, improve resource performance and minimise costs.

To do this, SafeTrak offers:

 – Digital planning of regular equipment inspections
 – Guided, step-by-step customisable equipment inspections
 – Automated reporting on demand or at regular intervals
 – Digital book in/out for equipment

Digital equipment inspections offer a number of advantages:

 – Easy inspection planning complete with automated reminder emails
 – Accurate, standardised, customisable equipment inspections
 – Complete inspections on-the-job and immediately upload the completed template
 – Auto-generate reports in one click including the latest inspection data
 – Receive complete, auto-generated reports and audit trails at regular intervals via email

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Easily streamline planning and tasks with SafeTrak!

Safetrak provides automated planning and can schedule tasks in a number of ways:


  1. Easily plan recurring equipment inspections
  2. Export and email equipment inspection planning for feedback
  3. Plan inspections on a specific day, week, or month
  4. Plan inspections on an agreed date
  5. Assign inspections to users and optimise workload
  6. Auto-download assigned inspections on Safetrak handheld device
  7. Start inspections by identifying or scanning equipment
  8. Record equipment as missing or unavailable for inspection
  9. Auto-remind users to carry out planned inspections
  10. Receive e-mail notifications of failed and started inspections

A free guide book: Optimise Equipment Safety

Qualitative inspections can prevent accidents concerning the use of worn or faulty equipment. Therefore, inspecting equipment at regular intervals a good strategy to protect and increase workplace safety.

Visual Tagging guide book from Scafftag offers a tool to support best practice equipment inspections, equipment status communication and compliance with equipment related legislation.

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