St Paul’s Cathedral COVID memorial features GEZE doors

  • 7 Feb 2023

The Remember Me memorial portico at St Paul’s Cathedral is a physical memorial to all those that died as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Designed by Caroe Architecture with Connolly Wellingham, it is a beautiful, elliptical structure crafted in the UK that features several GEZE doors.

As a visitor enters the cathedral from the North Transept they pass through a pair of swing doors powered by GEZE Powerturn automatic swing door operators. These doors take the visitor into the memorial and were chosen as they can open large or heavy doors and offer the flexibility of allowing the doors to be used both manually and automatically due to GEZE’s Smart swing function.        

Above the doors, etched in to the structure in gold are the words ‘Remembering all who died as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic’.  

Once inside the portico, visitors can view the online Remember Me memorial, search for and view the tribute to their loved one, light a candle and take a moment to pause and reflect in this tranquil space. The online book is open to all people, whatever their faith or none.   

From the memorial portico the main entrance into the cathedral is through GEZE’s TSA 325 NT, a manual revolving door with four leaves. The revolving door was chosen as it minimises air flow into the cathedral as only one quadrant is open at a time. 


Slimdrive SCR

To ensure access for all a GEZE Slimdrive SCR curved automatic sliding doors was installed opposite the revolving door enabling those who are less able, or people with children in buggies, can still visit the memorial and access the cathedral. The Slimdrive SCR is controlled by wave sensors to ensure the doors only open when requested. This is part of the portico’s design to minimise air flow. 

Across all the glass in the doors are beautiful phrases such as ‘we will always remember’ and ‘never forget’. 

The Remember Me memorial portico is a poignant tribute to those who died as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and is the most significant change to St Paul’s Cathedral in 300 years. 

Following the public response to the online memorial, and in partnership with the Daily Mail, over £2million was raised to give the Remember Me memorial a physical home within the Cathedral. 

Richard Richardson-Derry, GEZE’s National Specification Manager, comments: “We were honoured to play a part in the construction of the Remember Me memorial.

“The combined challenges of minimising air flow, ensuring equal access and creating a beautiful structure to recognise those lives lost has been successfully achieved.”

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