Strand: Top ten tips for selecting a hardware supplier

  • 25 Jan 2024

This article sees Strand Hardware outline its top ten tips for selecting a hardware supplier…


Diverse Product Range

The sheer diversity of options available in the market can be overwhelming. Professionals need to consider various factors such as functionality, aesthetics, and compatibility with existing structures.

Project-Specific Requirements

Different projects will have unique requirements based on factors such as building type, usage patterns, security needs, and design preferences. Identifying and aligning the needs of a project with the right solutions requires a nuanced understanding of both the project itself and the capabilities of available products.

Compliance and Regulations

Building regulations, and standards play a crucial role in the selection of architectural ironmongery. Professionals need to ensure that the chosen hardware meets safety, accessibility, and security standards. 

Design Integration

Architectural ironmongery is not just about functionality; it also contributes significantly to the overall design aesthetics of a space. Selecting hardware that complements the architectural style and design intent of a project is essential. Achieving a harmonious integration while meeting functional requirements can be a delicate balance.

Budget Constraints

Cost considerations are always a factor in any construction project. Balancing the need for high-quality ironmongery that meets project requirements with budget constraints requires careful evaluation. Cheaper options may compromise on quality and safety.

Technological Advancements

Architectural ironmongery is constantly evolving. Professionals need to stay updated on the latest innovations and trends to make informed decisions. 


Choosing a reliable and reputable supplier is crucial for obtaining high-quality architectural ironmongery. The market is flooded with various suppliers, and ensuring consistency in product quality, delivery timelines, and after-sales support requires thorough vetting.

Sustainability Considerations

With the increasing focus on sustainability, professionals are now expected to consider the environmental impact of the materials and manufacturing processes used – evaluating the sustainability credentials and outcomes of products.

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