The ROCKWOOL Group was founded in 1909 and today are world leaders in stone wool production, creating sustainable solutions to protect life, assets and the environment today and tomorrow.


ROCKWOOL UK make and supply a full range of smart and sustainable insulation products for the construction industry based on innovative stone wool technology. Its UK manufacturing plant near Bridgend in South Wales employs around 350 people producing ROCKWOOL stone wool on our state of the art line and packaging facility. Together with customer support, sales and marketing teams based in Chiswick and Dublin, ROCKWOOL serves the whole of the UK and Ireland.

  • Unique product benefits

Stone wool insulation is made from one of nature’s most abundant resources –volcanic rock. Not only is it a naturally renewable and sustainable material, it also boasts a unique combination of benefits and lays the foundation for our business. All our insulation products possess outstanding fire, acoustic and thermal insulation properties as well as a lifelong durability, making it the sustainable and cost-effective choice.

  • Saving the environment, buildings and people

ROCKWOOL insulation saves more than the energy used for its production. Its use helps conserve scarce energy resources and thereby helps alleviating severe environmental problems.

Over the years, the excellent fire protection properties of stone wool have helped save many lives and its unique thermal properties have improved the indoor climate of many buildings and homes. ROCKWOOL products have been installed in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings of all types, from prestige projects including London’s O2 Arena and Hong Kong Airport to family homes, local hospitals and schools in many countries.