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Sussex project for Delta Membranes with Hobbit House

  • 5 Jun 2020

Located deep in the East Sussex countryside, the Hobbit House sits in beautiful countryside; it features a plethora of products from Delta Membranes‘ waterproofing range.

The owners sought to create unique luxury rental accommodation comprising of two double en-suite bedrooms with open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area, in a subterranean space which had the look and feel of a magical ‘Hobbit Home’, as if created by J. R. R. Tolkien himself.

Delta Registered Installers, Renlon Limited, were commissioned to create a waterproofing design for a newly constructed subterranean House, buried into a bank in heart of the Rother Valley.  


The key to successful waterproofing is a robust design incorporated at the earliest stage of a project; subterranean structures are required to meet the standards within BS 8102:2009, the Protection of Structures against Water from the Ground and Grade 3 habitable (A dry environment with no water penetration)

Renlon Limited proposed using a Delta System Type A waterproofing system; the shell of the project was created using a Type B waterproof concrete system, followed by a secondary form of waterproofing incorporating the Delta Type A System.

Initially the Type B concrete was primed with Koster Polysil TG 500, an anti-lime inhibitor.  When new concrete is introduced to structures, there is a risk of excess free lime leaching out during the curing process, an anti-lime inhibitor reduces this risk. 

Once cured, an application of Koster NB 4000 was applied as a primary water proofer.  Koster NB 4000 is a Type A Barrier Waterproofing System – once applied, but not dried, Koster Glass Fibre Mesh was embedded in the first wet coat.  

Koster NB 4000 is a hybrid waterproofing product that combines the properties of a polymer modified bitumen thick film sealant and a flexible mineral waterproofing slurry. Once cured, an additional second coat of Koster NB 4000 was applied.

Used as a green roof external drainage layer, Delta Terraxx was installed.  Delta Terraxx is an extremely robust protection and drainage system that can be used in a rage of applications for horizontal drainage which protects the primary Type A waterproofing System.  

Delta Terraxx has an adhesive tape manufactured on one side to overlap and join the membrane offering quick and easy install.

Once the waterproofing system was successful applied and installed backfill was added.

Case Study Results

The Hobbit Home is completely protected against water ingress and the owners have a great addition to their portfolio, whilst rental occupants will be guaranteed a unique and magical stay.

The work was finished comfortably within time constraints and the client was very happy with the result.

Renlon Limited showed a dedication to quality, authenticity and exceptional customer services throughout, as the company always does.

Delta Membrane Systems,
Delta House,
Merlin Way,
North Weald,
CM16 6HR
United Kingdom

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