Sustainable new key management solutions for Dundee and Angus College with ASSA ABLOY

  • 4 Oct 2019

Dundee and Angus (D&A) College has invested in a new master key cylinder platform and key management solution from the ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware & Access Control Group, contributing towards the college’s sustainability ambitions.

D&A College delivers more than 700 courses to around 16,000 students, across three campuses, with two main sites in Dundee and one in Arbroath.

It therefore required a robust master key cylinder system that could securely manage the high traffic using its facilities, while also satisfying the college’s key control needs.

The college’s previous master key system posed a risk because of the short-term patent protection that it offered. In addition, the college was seeking a better means of accounting for all the master keys it has in circulation.


The solution? The new ASSA Triton² master key cylinder system and Traka 21 key management cabinet, which has recently been installed at all three of the college’s campuses.

ASSA Triton² delivers the longest patent protection available on the market, guarding against unauthorised key duplication until 2036. A high-end master key solution, ASSA Triton² is ideally suited to environments requiring large and complex suites, such as D&A College.

Offered with a comprehensive range of cylinders, the system’s unrivalled master keying capability means it can meet the security demands and complexity of the busy college with ease.

The platform has been fitted at the college’s Kingsway campus, with plans to roll it out to the other two campuses in the future.

ASSA Triton² is in line with D&A College’s commitment to investing in sustainable technologies that can help reduce the institute’s carbon footprint and deliver long-term financial savings.


In recent years, the college has won the ‘Carbon Reduction’ prize in the Green Gown Awards, which recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges from around the world.

With ASSA Triton² offering patent protection up until 2036, the system offers the college a secure, long-lasting solution, helping it to meet its sustainability targets.

Then, to help the estates team manage key control across all three of its campuses, D&A College has opted for Traka 21, an efficient and easy-to-use key management solution.

A standalone cabinet system, Traka 21 individually locks every key stored in place, allowing the college to trace and manage up to 21 critical keys or key sets.

Access to keys stored in the system is granted via a secure PIN, limiting the opportunity for master keys to fall into the wrong hands. This new set-up ensures no master keys will ever leave the college’s sites, further increasing the security of the new suite.

Billy Grace, Head of Estates at D&A College, commented: “Sustainability is a key issue for the college, and we’re very proud of the fact that we have achieved a 53 per cent carbon reduction since 2009.

“We have heavily invested in sustainable technologies, and the decision to choose ASSA Triton² is just the latest development in this commitment.

“With the patent protection on our previous master key cylinder system soon running out, this posed a substantial risk around key duplication.

“ASSA Triton² offers patent protection until 2036, which makes it a fantastic investment for the college, protecting us for the next 17 years against unauthorised key copying.

“Key personnel, such as our caretaking and maintenance staff, can then easily use the Traka 21 system to help manage master keys across all our three campus sites.

“Local supply was another big reason why we chose ASSA ABLOY, as it gives us reassurance that we’re able to get new keys cut the same day by authorised holders, if we needed to.

“We know the ASSA ABLOY brand is one that we can trust. The company was helpful and supportive during the competitive tender process, providing first class service throughout.

“With the install of ASSA Triton² beginning at the end of the 2019 academic year, it was then completed by mid-August, before the start of the next one. The turnaround has been seamless, and very impressive.”


Barry Harris, Door Safety & Security Consultant at the ASSA ABLOY Door Hardware & Access Control Group, added: “Managing critical keys is still a challenge for many sites. Should these keys become lost or fall into the wrong hands, then this would be a big security threat for D&A College.

“Traka 21 helps overcome this challenge for the college, by authorising, securing and monitoring its master keys, and controlling and recording when and who is using these keys.

“Meanwhile, our new ASSA Triton² master key cylinder system delivers long-lasting security, with assured patent protection until 2036.

“This gives D&A College every confidence that they have invested in a platform that has been made and designed to last. We are thrilled to partner with such a leading college, offering a series of solutions that not only provide the highest standards of security and reliability, but contribute towards the college’s sustainability targets too.”

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